10 Facts About Babies in the Womb That You Probably Didn’t Know

It’s fascinating how God created humans. The more we discover about our intricately constructed bodies, the more we become aware of how much more we still don’t know. The way God creates infant bodies within the womb never ceases to astound me. He genuinely gives a damn about the tiniest details!

Pregnancy is one of the most fascinating things that every woman will experience. There is nothing like growing a human inside of your own body.

Here are 10 Facts About Babies in the Womb

  1. By the end of the fourth week of pregnancy (two weeks after conception), a baby’s heart is beating.
  2. By weeks five and six, a baby’s ears, eyes, and nose are visibly growing.
  3. By week seven, a baby’s growing neck is showing, and the heart has two separate chambers.
  4. By week eight, babies have elbows, eyelids, and fingers. All the organs–except the lungs–have begun to work.
  5. By week ten, a baby has all his or her muscles in place, and is using them!
  6. By week fourteen, a baby is swallowing amniotic fluid and is passing that fluid through working kidneys.
  7. By week eighteen, a baby has a full set of baby teeth beneath the gums and functional sweet and sour taste buds.
  8. By weeks nineteen and twenty, babies can hear their mother’s beating heart, pumping blood, voice, and the music she’s listening to.
  9. By week twenty-six, a baby has growing fingernails and can see six to eight inches away.
  10. By week twenty-eight, three months before the due date, babies begin to dream.

The journey of an egg transforming into a full-grown baby in a woman’s womb is extraordinary, making pregnancy a unique experience. It is also the time when a woman learns many new and fascinating things that she did not know before.

Pregnancy is a wonderful journey and someone has rightly said, ‘there is no better feeling than the movement of life inside you.’ So, cherish every moment of your pregnancy!

Did your pregnancy get a little more exciting and interesting with these facts? Go ahead and share them with other expecting mothers too.

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