12 Most Awesome Things About Being Pregnant

It goes without saying that the very best thing about pregnancy is the beautiful little baby that you get to cuddle at the end of it. That wonderful little part of you that you will love for the rest of your life. But, trust us, this is not the only amazing bit about pregnancy. To be honest, there are many more things to really love about it. Want to know what we are talking about? Without creating any more suspense, here are 12 great things about being pregnant:

  1. You Will Have No Problem Finding A Seat

Trust us, finding a seat is not going to be an issue at all for some time. Especially, once that baby belly becomes evident. Be it a bus, train, or a normal social gathering, there will always be someone ready to offer you a seat.

  1. You Become The Center Of Attention

Finally, the time arrives when your significant other and you can share the great news with your close relatives or friends. It is fun to look at those happy and excited faces, all waiting to congratulate you!

  1. Heavy Lifting Will Be A Complete No-No

Technically, you can actually do a little bit of it. However, most people are not aware of it. Even if they are, they don’t find it worth the risk. No matter what the reason is, you get to relax while everyone else does the heavy lifting.

  1. A Little Secret Between You Two

Most couples wait before sharing the good news with everyone. Until then, the secret is just between the two of them. Thus, making this new chapter all the more exhilarating.

  1. Say Bye-Bye To Those Monthly Woes

You can bid goodbye to your unwanted monthly rituals for the following nine months. Neither will you have those period cramps nor that blotchy acne. A sigh of relief!

  1. Massage, Massage, All The Time

Spending a large sum of money on a massage becomes acceptable when you are pregnant. In fact, it’s one time when you can be completely demanding with your masseur too. The gentler you want the massaging to be, so it will be!

  1. No Need To Hide Your Tummy

Finally, neither you need to suck it all in while posing for a photograph nor do you have to wear those tummy shapers anymore. It’s time to show off your tummy to the world in full glory!

  1. No Small-Talk Struggles Anymore

Now, you don’t have to think much before starting off a conversation with a stranger. You will always have your pregnancy and those incessant backaches to talk about!

  1. Comfy Clothes All The Way

No need to wear all those uncomfortable clothes anymore just to look trendy. Just grab those stretch pants and lie down comfortably on your couch!

  1. Enjoying The Attention Of The Grandparents

You will get to bask in the excitement of your parents as they look forward to becoming grandparents.

Expect to be treated like a delicate flower, as your parents rush around looking after you for nine months.

  1. Don’t Need To Work For A Good Hair Day

Finally, you won’t have to apply loads of shampoo, conditioner, and serum to make your hair look perfect. Just like the pregnancy glow on your skin, your hair might also start to look shiny and healthy. It will look that way naturally from the word “Go”!

  1. Finally… Finally, Naps Are Not Only Socially Acceptable, But Encouraged

By health professionals no less! And you don’t want to argue with them, not in your condition… night night.

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