14 Hilariously Honest Comics Reveal The Difference Between Having The First Vs. Second baby

Every pregnancy is special, but the thrill and excitement parents have for their first child is felt somewhat missing during the second pregnancy. Parents undoubtedly love each of their children equally, but it’s normal for first-time parents to be especially cautious with their first child because everything is new to them and they must learn. Because they now have the information and experience, parents become less concerned about topics they were concerned about when their child was born.

Wang Chen, a mom of 2 daughters and an artist and game designer by profession has hilariously explained the differences between raising the first and second kid with a comic series.

Wang Chen (self-illustrated below) is a thirtysomething game designer in Seattle who dreams of becoming a comic artist.

Here are some of our favorites from her comics collection:

1. A second baby on the way means you’re not overly worried about what you eat.

2. You can still be a queen when you’re pregnant with your second. You just can’t get away with some things.

3. Even friends are not that excited the second time around

4. No more pumping

5. Your idea of hygiene has evolved this time around

6. You are more lenient about “rules.”

7. You know which medicine to give

8. Clothes are not the priority now

9. Nor the toys

10. Saving paper this time around

11. Parents can teach better, now you believe

12. TV is no longer a bad influence

13. Once the second comes, you’re not overreacting at every single milestone.

14. You love to have some self-time now

Wang’s comics are really direct. The comics were inspired by Weng’s moments with her girls, according to her. Comics have gone popular on the internet, and they have been deemed to be relevant by parents all around the world.

Weng has always dreamt of being a comic artist until family life put that dream on hold. “When my second child turned two, I had the urge to start again because if I didn’t, I might never achieve my dream,” said Weng. “It’s been a fun and meaningful way to document my children’s growth — and mine,” she added.

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