17-Year-Old Mum With 4 Children Gets Pregnant Again With Triplets

How is she going to take care of the seven kids at the tender age of 17? How will they grow up? What kind of person will they become? Given the fact that they are living on social security of merely £80 a month, bringing up the seven kids will be a real challenge for her.

She looks like a proud teenager posing with her little brother and six sisters for a family photograph. But incredibly Pamela Villarruel, an Argentine teenager, is the mother of these seven children. And she gave birth to all of them by the time she was 17.

Pamela Villarruel has more children than any other teenage mum in the world and doctors have described her as a “scientific rarity”. She gave birth to her son when she was 14 then had two sets of triplets in two years.

It was an enormous surprise when Pamela got pregnant when she was just a child, and her partner decided to ditch her. Her parents were also surprised and stunned when they heard the news, but they finally accepted and helped their daughter raise the children. Although everyone would think this would be a hard learned lesson for this girl, it wasn’t, as she, just one year later, got pregnant again. This time, it was another man. The surprise was even bigger, as the doctors discovered she wasn’t just pregnant with one child. She was expecting triplets.

Again, the father didn’t want to raise the children, and Pamela and her parents were alone again to look after the four kids. After the birth of the triplets, Pamela met a boy and began a relationship. And, incredible as it may seem, she got pregnant again with triplets!

As it happened before, the father ran away and didn’t accept the children. Four years after her first pregnancy, Pamela had seven children from three different dads, and none of them wanted to raise the babies. The family doesn’t have enough resources to support so many children, and daily life is a struggle. The seven children are raised in very precarious conditions with no paternal figure. “Every day is a struggle but I wouldn’t change anything,” says Pamela, who is just 17. “They are my little miracles. It’s exhausting, but the most important thing is that all my children are happy and healthy. I’ll be the best mum I can possibly be.”

Luckily, the city council facilitated things a little, providing a pension with which to feed their offspring, including a number of diapers that undoubtedly served as a palliative. Although several years have passed since that dark time, the young woman, whom we can find on her social platforms with her younger daughters who is now 9 years old, seems pretty happy right now.

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