20 Cute And Popular Hipster Baby Names For Boys And Girls

If you’re looking for a name that’s out of ordinary and defies traditionalism, but in a good way, the current trend is giving a baby a name so hip that you’d think they came out of the womb wearing skinny jeans and Ray-Bans. When Gwyneth Paltrow named her daughter Apple, there was a collective cry, “what was she even thinking?” But, little did we know that she was heralding a hipster naming revolution.

Here is a list for you:

Cute Hipster Girl Names With Meanings:

  1. Unica

There’s no way your daughter won’t like this name. Unica is the Latin word for ‘unique and sole’. It appeared in England in 1552.

  1. Anais

This moniker is popular for its alluring pronunciation and its namesake, Anaïs Nin, the author of the popular book “Incest”.

  1. Ysoria

This moniker is related to the Latin word Isaura, a name derived from the region of Isauria in Asia Minor.

  1. Clementine

The name of a hybrid between a sweet orange and mandarin has a slash-y cred to it. It means ‘mild and merciful.’

  1. Idony

Why don’t you name your daughter Idony, inspired by Iðunn, the Old Icelandic name of Goddess of youth and apples?

  1. Zoete

This adorable name is a Middle Dutch word for ‘adorable and sweet’.

  1. Cherubina:

Cherubina, the variant of the word cherub, would make a hip name for your baby girl. This name came up in Rome in the year 1527.

  1. Hazel

Would you believe if we say that this sweet sobriquet name was considered wacky at the time?

  1. Clover

So you’re done with Rose and Lily. Great! Now go with Clover, the supreme hipster floral name.

  1. Daisy

We can see a few raised eyebrows already! But we recommend this name for its ultimate retro appeal.

Popular Hipster Boy Names With Meanings:

  1. August

This German form of Augustus, meaning ‘majestic and venerable’ has become a Hollywood favorite.

  1. Aylward

Aylward has spelling variations that include Aloardus, Eilwardus, and Æðeluuard. But we think that Aylward would be the best hipster name for your little kindergartener to write.

  1. Frank

This hip name was one of the top 10 names from the 1880s to 1920s and is still going strong.

  1. Enoch

If you want a Biblical name with modern cred, go with Enoch, the same as Jared’s son. It means ‘dedicated.’

  1. Waldo

The dashing and sprightly -o ending of this name has it made more popular than most of its cousins. Waldo means ‘to rule’.

  1. Gulliver

This obscure baby name, known solely for its literary connection, would make a distinctive name for your son.

  1. Butch

Butch is an old-school nickname favored greatly by hipster parents. Butch James, the South African Rugby Union Player, is its famous bearer.

  1. Juniper

This name is a little more daring than other nature names in this list. It’s strictly not recommended for sensitive people.

  1. Elvis

Some people may consider it a bit flashy and over-the-top, but we find it hip and classic, just like its namesake “Elvis Presley.”

  1. Byron

This moniker had a romantic image for centuries because of its poetic connection with Lord Byron. But it’s now being used by hipster parents as well.

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