5 Fun Facts About Babies Born In June

Summertime! There is something so sweet about this season. It feels like a little reset on life. Moms who are welcoming babies in June, you are kicking off the summer baby schedule! I’m sure you are relieved to meet your little angel and likely even more relieved to end your pregnancy before the brutal heat sets in! Here are some super fun facts about June babies.

  1. Eternal Optimism

Your June baby is entering a world full of sunshine and exploration. They may always live their life on vacation! Experts in Europe say that when you are born can help determine your disposition and what effects time change can have on you, specifically mood disorders. Our kids born in the spring to summer months are more likely to possess a positive attitude! Check out some tips here on how you can match your child’s optimism!

  1. Perfect Symbolism

Oh, June babies – our sweet little honeysuckles! A birth flower perfectly fit for these new summer darlings. The honeysuckle is sweet in nature, drawing hummingbirds in like a magnet. The birds grow and thrive with the help of these sugary blossoms. They’re beautiful in color and represent everlasting love. Although, we don’t need a flower to show us! One look at your new June baby, and you will know that eternal feeling.

June babies are also represented by the most classic of all flowers: the rose. A rose can come off as basic, but it is truly timeless. In addition, it represents love, which is the most overwhelming feeling you will have for your new arrival.

Like every Mom and baby is different, so is every rose and its meaning. Farmers Almanac says pink represents happiness, red for romance, and yellow for friendship. But perhaps the best rose to choose for your birth would be white! The white rose embodies new beginnings! Its petals, opening and blossoming, the way your newborn’s eyes and arms slowly begin to signify innocence and purity. The most beautiful symbolism for the journey you and your baby have been through together. What beautiful symbolism these birth flowers bring!

  1. Nobel Prize Winner?

A cute, smiling 2-3 years old boy is standing behind a wooden table and raising a golden trophy with his hand. Little boy is wearing an orange bow tie and blue trousers with suspenders.

An analysis of Nobel Prize winners revealed that a high number of awards were given to people born in June! You know your baby will be a genius, but soon the world may know too!

  1. The Twins or The Crab

June babies fall under two zodiac signs. They will either be a Gemini or a Cancer. If born from the 1st of the month through the 20th, your early June baby will be a Gemini. Geminis are known symbolically as “the twins.” They can usually see both sides of a disagreement or point and can use both halves of their personalities to fit into almost any situation! They are flexible but can also be indecisive. You may need these strategies to help them choose activities.

If your baby is born from the 21st of the month and on, they will have Cancer. The crab represents Cancer. The crab is loyal, intuitive, and caring. However, they can be hypersensitive, so these tips may help you learn and control some of their cues. Both signs are wonderful and capable of many great things!

  1. Mother of Pearl

I think the pearl is such a special birthstone to have. This timeless stone represents June babies. The symbolism is beautiful because a fresh pearl is formed within a living creature, excavated from the shell – almost symbolic of a mother giving birth. Freshwater pearls are hard to find and rare to come by, making them all the more desirable. A pearl never goes out of style. Your little June one is a classic!

The other birthstone for the sixth month of the year is Alexandrite. Alexandrite is known as the “color-changing gem.” Depending on the light you’re in, or the time of the day, you may see the stone as a cooler tone or a deep raspberry hue. Something changing like that can almost feel magical, but not as magical as the gift of new life!

I hope that the fun holidays, cool celebrity birthdays, and amazing representation that welcomes your new June baby into the world bring you and your family happiness and joy through every season! 

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