6 Stunning Water Birth Photos Will Make You Want to Give Birth in a Tub

Kansas-based photographer Tammy Karin never passes up an opportunity to capture a water birth. “The mother has this warm, protective barrier around her in which to bring her baby into the world.”

Karin added: “She can receive help if wanted or needed, but it’s almost like this wonderful force field that lends itself to this more hands-off environment.” “The water birth stories that I have been honored to capture have resolved with the most delicate entries into the world for the infant,” Karin, a mother of three, says.”

The water birth provides an ideal transition from his mother’s warmth to the hot waters, and then back to his mother’s arms. Mothers would have wished that I could have brought my own children into the world in such a way.

What’s particularly special about photographing water births, according to Minneapolis-based photographer Jennifer Celine, is “seeing a moments-new baby emerge from the water in Mom and/or Dad’s arms.” “Watching a mother’s strength, beauty and sense of calm throughout her little one’s birth is absolutely incredible,” Celine ads.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, the premise behind water birth is that “because the baby has already spent nine months in the amniotic fluid sac, birthing in a comparable environment is softer for the infant and less stressful for the mother.”

Advocates of water births highlight many benefits.Water alleviates the pain of childbirth naturally. It’s understandable that many women want to be submerged in a birthing tub during labor, transition, or even delivery.

Regardless of what stage of the birth story you capture, the photos that document water births are powerful and beautiful. We’ve gathered some stunning water birth photographs that highlight the tranquility of the process, the strength of a woman, and the magic of a baby’s first few seconds after birth.

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