7 Powerful Paintings That Capture The Beauty Of Birth And Pregnancy

These powerful photos show the remarkable strength of mothers and the intimate moment a new life is ushered into this world. It’s about more than preserving a moment in time for family keepsakes. Birth photography uses art to capture a miracle.

Photography is a popular way to capture and document birth, but mother and artist Amanda Greavette found another medium to illustrate the unique experience.

For a series called “The Birth Project,” Greavette creates stunning pictures of pregnant women, often during labor or bonding with their newborn babies. She shared: “After having my second child, I was drawn to the epic themes of childbirth, pregnancy and motherhood. I felt like so much happened in this short but intense period. this, and I couldn’t find many other contemporary works of art that explore it.”

Greavette gave birth five times – twice in the hospital, three times at home, once with a doctor and four times with a midwife. The mother gave birth on the floor, in the bed and in the water. “All of my births have been very positive experiences,” she said. I really appreciate the process and love how exciting and powerful it is.”

The subjects of Greavette’s Birth Project paintings are real mothers, ranging from friends and family members with whom she has personally attended or observed through birth photography to women sharing their birth stories and photos via email or social media.

“I wanted my paintings to be relevant and authentic, and convey the expressions and emotions we have as we labor, give birth and meet our babies,” says Greavette. . “Giving birth is intimate and private but it’s so visceral and rich that it’s a wonderful subject to explore.”

Although she’s been working on the series since 2007, the artist said she’s seen a positive change in how people react to art related to birth. Her paintings have appeared in birth centers and are used to prepare for childbirth as a tool for visualization and meditation.

“Our bodies are so strong, so amazing, and beautiful even with our flaws, scars, and weaknesses,” says Greavette. “Many birth stories carry a lot of pain, sadness, disappointment or guilt, and I wanted to give my work space to sit down with these.”

“I’ve had feedback from my audience that these things resonate in a unique way and that women everywhere have amazing, powerful, and meaningful births.” she continued. “They wanted to see it, talk about it and it was recognized and authentic.”

That certainly happens in this bold work of art.

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