8 Nice Things To Do for A New Mom

Many new mothers out there quickly discover  being a mother is not a simple task. they are going through so much after having a baby, and they could use an extra pair of hands without having to ask.  Most end up overwhelmed, exhausted and lonely, especially during the newborn period. This is why I’ve come up with a list of the 8 best things you can do for a new mom.

1. Setting Up A Meal List

You can count this as one of the best 10 things to do for a new mom. Take note that a meal list is a new mother’s best friend. When setting one up, family and friends must be included so they can pitch in to ensure that the new parents are fed during the tumultuous phase. Provide the new parents a healthy mix of snacks, meals and a few treats as well.

2. Bring Diapers and Wipes

If you’re not going to bring the family food, then bring something useful. No parent can ever have enough diapers or wipes. This is always a safe and much-needed gift to bring. Be sure to ask what size is appropriate first! You don’t want to bring them the wrong size.

3. Do Not Immediately Ask To Hold The Baby

After the delivery, many are eager to see and meet the newest member. There is ɴᴏᴛhing wrong with this but some mothers do ɴᴏᴛ want to hand over their child to others immediately. It is a great opportunity to be a good friend and be present for the mother. Ask her how she is doing and show her that you are there to support her.

4. Watch Her Kids

The new mom is probably dying to take a nap, shower, bath, or all three! Offer to come by and watch all of her kiddos (if she has more than one) and tell her to take all the time she needs. Even if you are just watching her older children, you can help her get some uninterrupted alone time with her newborn.

5. Wash Your Hands Before Holding the Baby

A lot of new parents are super germ-conscious, so be sure to wash your hands. Extra points if you do it without them having to ask!

6. Help Out with Her To-Do List

She may have a whole list of things to do! Maybe she needs to run and pick up medications at the pharmacy, get her dry cleaning, or buy more diapers. She might want some help finishing her ‘Thank You’ notes and someone to drop them off at the post office. She may need you to find and call a lactation consultant or a postpartum doula. Whatever is on her to-do list, help her tackle it. You can either go with her and baby to run her errands – she might love getting out of the house – or offer to run the errands for her. Even filling up her car tank with gas would be so much appreciated.

7.  Stay Calm When The Baby Cries

If you didn’t already know this, babies cry. That’s a way that they communicate. Don’t freak out when the little one starts to whimper in your arms and immediately give the baby to mom. She has to soothe her baby all day and night, so be helpful and calm the baby yourself. If the baby is still fussy after your attempts, then hand the baby over to mom. New mothers want to see you confident while being around and holding their baby, so freaking out makes them freak out. Stay calm.

8. Watch Over Her Children

A new mother might be eager to take a quick shower, nap or bath. Try to offer to come over and watch her children, in case she has more than one. Allow her to take the time to do all the things she needs.

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