8 Pictures That Prove Some Parents Are Having a Worse Day Than You

Being a parent can be like a rollercoaster: one minute it’s all laughs and giggles, but leave them alone for a few seconds and you have a baby covered in powder. As adults, we can’t understand why your AirPods were buried in the garden or why your car was “painted” with scratches. These youngsters keep us on our toes, and the drama makes for a nice laugh when you’ve calmed down. Every now and then, we experience some bad days. If you are experiencing one right now, you have to remember that there are parents out there who are having a much worse day than you, starting with:

“Silence is golden. But when you have kids, silence is suspicious.”

“The neighbor’s kid decided to decorate my car with a rock to make it look ’cute.’”

“AirPods went missing…turns out my kid buried them in the backyard.”

“Toddler, Sharpie, sleeping husband”

“My brother ripped off the handle by accident. This should be fun.”

“I had to take a shirt to my son’s (kindergarten) school.”

“Found this in the game room, compliments of my 5-year-old.”

This mom, who put bleach on a marker stain on her kid’s shirt before washing it, and it did this:

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