8 Ways To Be A Better Father

Becoming a new parent isn’t easy, all you want is the best for your children. You think back about the fondest memories with your dad and you remember lots of laughter, smiles, and happiness. Parenthood is a whole career in itself. Being a father is a full-time job and there is a lot to consider when it comes to raising your children right and getting things done. This brings us to the big question. What makes a great father? Is there Science to it or will your intuition do the job? Here are 8 ways to be a great dad.

  1. Coordinate with their mom. Always

Do not argue with their mother in front of them or take their side against her. You both can argue in private later but do not let the kids see that you are on separate teams. Do not ever become angry with her in front of them or abuse her in any way.

Your way of treating the mother significantly impacts their self-esteem and the way they treat other women when they grow up. Children need to learn to respect both parents equally. Your children need to realize that you both are a team and they can approach both of you with anything.

  1. Cherish some alone time with your partner

Do not let the chemistry fizzle away just because you have children. Most couples complain that with age, they have lost the spark and children seem to be the only thing keeping the relationship together. Such a relationship is neither healthy nor feasible. Do everything you can to keep the spark alive between you both so that you don’t blame your children later when things don’t work out. Children learn about relationships from their parents. It is important to display a healthy and loving one as much as possible.

  1. Show affection

For most of us, the number of times our dads are openly affectionate can be counted on our fingers. Fathers are put under great pressure by society to maintain a strong and protective figure. Dad jokes aside, there are very few signs of affection displayed by fathers, unlike mothers who are all about hugs and kisses.

Don’t give in to this and hug your children as much as you want. Be openly affectionate with them and with your partner in front of them. Tell them that you love them whenever you feel like it. It fosters great communication between everyone.

  1. Their interests are your priority

Whatever step you take in life, make sure that they are your priority. Their safety is way more important than the fun that you have. You need to start making healthier lifestyle choices and abandoning habits like smoking which can cause harm to them. Do everything you can to set a perfect example for them to look up to.

Every step that you take, remember that you are responsible for one or more lives that depend on you and need you to be around. Take care of yourself and them at the same time so that you can be there for them whenever they need it.

  1. Discuss the news and finances with them

Children are never too young to learn financial responsibility. They need to develop the skills to handle money from a young age so that they are great at it when they start making their own money. Do not pressure them to learn faster but spend some time with them discussing finances and the current market. This is valuable information that they do not pick up on in school and wonderful when it comes directly from their father who they visualize as an authoritative and providing figure.

  1. Strike a balance

Do not cut out on time with your friends entirely or stop going out with your wife or partner. Strike a balance between your other life and parenthood. Take care of yourself and give yourself sufficient personal time every day.

You don’t have to give up on everything you love for being a great dad. It is all about balancing different aspects of your life together such that you remain happy and are a positive presence to be around for your children. Your children learn the value of friendship and relationships from you. Make sure that you set a great example.

  1. Protect them but let them grow

Your fatherly instincts would rather have you be with them everywhere they go and protect them at all times from the evil world. Be there for them but also give them their space as they grow up to make their mistakes and learn from them. This is the only way they can grow up for real and learn to make choices in life when you are not around. Teach them to be independent but let them know that you always have their back no matter what. Be open to discussions with them and guide them whenever they need you to.

  1. Spend as much time with them as you can

No child is going to say no to presents but what you want the most from you is your time and attention. You might not know exactly how to bond with them or what makes them happy but it is best to start at a young age and discover activities that you enjoy with them.

Take them outside to the playground or sporting arenas and utilize every opportunity to hang out with them. Unless it is very difficult for you to take them outside for any reason, if they request it, let them go with you. Make dedicated time for your children during your day even if it is a busy schedule.

Doing these eight things can establish a wonderful relationship with your children which both of you will treasure. Being an awesome father is as much about your instincts and doing the right thing as it is about being there whenever your children need you.

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