9 California Firefighter Dads Had Babies At The Same Time And Had A Charming Photo Shoot To Celebrate

Between March and July, the department welcomed two boys and seven girls. On Facebook, a California fire department is spreading joy. The Cucamonga Fire Department honored the birth of nine infants in four months with a picture session, and the results will warm your heart. Gabrielle Costello, who shared the photos, told TODAY Parents, “I had no clue it would go viral.” “All we wanted to do was recall a great event and memorialize it.”

The first kid was delivered on March 10 and the last on July 12, according to Costello, a department spokeswoman. There are seven females and two males in the group. Logan Costello, her fireman husband, and she are the delighted parents of Charlotte, their eighth child. “OMG, This is really valuable. “I wonder if they all went on vacation at the same time or if it was just a wet season,” one Facebook user speculated. “Def not drinking the water there haha,” said another. The pregnancies, according to Costello, were not intended. She explained, “It’s simply a coincidence.” It was, however, a fortuitous ʙʀᴇᴀᴋ.

“It’s brought everyone closer together,” Costello said, “not only the nine firemen but also the spouses.” “We exchange new mom advice, sleep patterns, and all that type of things.” The women, according to Costello, have a particular relationship. “Our spouses work 24 hours a day, seven days a week.” “They’re gone for weeks at a time during fire season,” she told TODAY Parents. “It’s wonderful to have buddies that understand what it’s like to be a fireman.”

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