9 Moving Photos Of Siblings Meeting For The First Time Will Floor You

After the birth of a first child, one of the most magical moments in parenting is when that little one meets their sibling. These first meetings can be rife with emotions and are worth capturing regardless of the reaction. These adorable shots perfectly capture kids’ mixed reactions to the arrival of a new baby. Tenderness and curiosity define this photo, captured by Amy of Beckling Photography. A big sister holds her new sibling, one hand cradling their head and the other resting on their chest. The newborn touches their older sister’s hands, and their faces turn towards her. They’re taking each other in.

This big sister in this photo captured by Jade Howard had one hand pressed to her mouth in a look of surprise as she spotted her younger sibling for the first time.

A big brother is in the hospital bed with mom in this shot captured by Amy of Blessed Touch Photography. He rests a hand on his new sibling’s head. Mom presses a kiss on big brother’s head as the baby breastfeeds. New baby bliss envelops them all.

This new family of four explodes with joy as mom and dad introduce their children to each other in Tasia Johnson’s photo. Mom and dad both seem to be happy when their older daughter looks at the baby with a smile on her face.

The shared look between a father and son in this picture, taken by Marine Hardy, embodies the older sibling’s giddiness about the new addition to their family.

Heather Sears snapped this photo of the big brothers exuding happiness in one of their first encounters with their new sibling. Mom holds the newborn up to the boys while she lies on a bed, and dad stands nearby with a hand on the baby’s head. One of the boys has his arms wrapped around the infant, grinning, and the other looks down at her with his hands cupped near his face, seeming to be playing with the baby already.

A big brother has pulled his younger sibling in for one of their first hugs in this photo taken by Alyssa Kapnik Samuel. An emotional mom has the baby in the crook of her arm, and the little boy has leaned in to wrap an arm around both mom and the baby.

In this photo captured by Hilary Dubie, Big Sis is amazed by her younger sibling. A doula weighs the baby following the birth, and the older sibling looks on with her mouth open, seeming to be in shock that there’s an actual person after nine long months. The baby’s little feet kick up, giving the shot even more life.

In this photo by Jaydene of Cradled Creations, mom, dad, their daughter, and their new baby sit in bed together. As the baby breastfeeds, the older child sits tucked between her parents. She hugs her mom’s head, and mom has an arm pressed over her to bring her partner into the embrace.

The joy of a big brother gently holding his new sibling is so pure in this photo taken by Anabel Acuña. A toddler sits cross legged with a newborn in his lap. An adult hand can be seen in the bottom left of the frame, helping the boy support the baby. A wondrous smile takes up his whole face as he looks at his forever friend.

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