A Baby Who Was Born With A White Lock-In Her Hair And Became A Celebrity

Do you remember Mayah Aziz Oliveira, a baby who was born with a white lock in her hair? She was very successful on the web because of her piebaldism, a condition that disrupts melanin production and which she inherited from her mother, 41-year-old Talyta Youssef.

Talyta, her mother said, “When my baby came, it was really cool”. Talyta says that there was a great commotion at Hospital Sofia Feldman, in Belo Horizonte, where the child was born.

“When she was born, the surgeon said: ‘look, she has highlighted in her hair’. And then we understood that it had come from a lock because it has that green fabric, which covers our vision. What’s up …

In the maternity ward, people started photographing the newborn. The photos reached the photographer Paula Beltrão, who decided to give the family a photoshoot.

Soon after leaving the maternity hospital, the mother received a proposal from the photographer Paula Beltrão, who decided to present the family with an essay. Since then, Mayah, who is now 5 months old, has been successful on the web and enchants people wherever she wants to go with her cuteness and unique beauty.

“She will see how cool this is and that she has a super loving mom and dad, super well resolved with it.”

The photographer pointed out that she had never seen a baby like Mayah and was soon quite excited to shoot an essay of hers. ” I found her so charming. She slept through the rehearsal, very beautiful. As soon as I saw her I said to Thalita: “I need to photograph your baby anyway” – she said, laughing.

Mayah’s story didn’t just go viral because of her unique beauty. Many people who also have a similar or similar condition identify with her history and come to accept themselves after seeing so much positive feedback around the child.

“I received a lot of feedback from people who have characteristics in common saying that their view of themselves has changed,” said the mother. “They started to have a better acceptance of their differences.”

On the street, people recognized Mayah. “They walked past us and said, ‘That’s her! It’s the fringe girl! “And I said, Yes, it’s her!”. It’s so good. It’s indescribable.”

“A lot of cool people are showing up in our lives,” says Talyta. “She is a very sweet little baby and is being very gentle to participate in these projects that appear for her. She’s being really cool.”

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