A Mother Abandons Everything And Opens A Hospital For Orphans And Dedicates Her Life To Children In Need

The courage and big heart of a woman who chose to dedicate her life to children. This is the case of Amy Hehe, who at the age of 19 traced the future of her dreams, which, unlike most people, was not a house or a luxury building. Amy dedicated herself to planning every detail of a medical center to care for orphaned children with terminal ɪʟʟɴᴇssҽs in Kenya.

This idea bʟᴏssomed when Amy became aware of how orphans and children in vulnerable situations struggled to survive in crowded institutions. In that moment she discovered her true life mission; Her dream was to build a hospital to care for and help these children. Six years later, Amy’s dream came true when she and her husband, Rob, founded the non-profit Children’s Hospital OVI.

The young woman graduated from the University of Kentucky Health Care Program, and from the beginning of her mission she has faced the harsh impact of witnessing the plight of her little patients, who struggle with malnutrition, malaria, injuries, ᴄᴀɴᴄᴇʀ and HIV.

Thanks to Amy, little Kenyans have someone who cares about them and their health. Amy’s life is hard, but despite the difficulties, she lives for a greater cause: the good of all children who need attention, love and hope.

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