A Mother Gives Birth To Another Set Of Rare Identical Twins Against 10-Million-To-One Odds

Doctors told a Colorado mother of twin boys to try her luck at the lottery after revealing she was pregnant with another set of rare identical twin girls against 10-million-to-one odds.

A 27-year-old mother from Colorado, Casey Saunders, was blown away when an ultrasound revealed that she’s pregnant with another set of identical twins. She initially assumed the technician was joking when he said he saw two heartbeats because getting pregnant with twins twice was extremely unusual. Life, it turns out, is full of surprises.

On top of the already impossible-seeming odds, the babies had developed inside the same placenta, a condition that only occurs with about one percent of twin pregnancies and can cause in the womb.

Casey had identical twin boys Hayden and Cameron ten years ago when she was 17. The twin brothers were really excited when their mother broke the news of being pregnant again. Her partner Eugene Goree took the pregnancy reveal very well too. ‘He was surprised but really excited from the beginning.’ she told Daily Mail.

The chances for this woman to have another set of twins were around a .0014 percent, but that’s not all. It was later revealed that the twins she was expecting are monoamniotic monochorionic, meaning that the babies developed a shared and . Even though there was a high risk of and the beautiful babies were born at 8 weeks premature, now Maya and Laia are healthy and doing very well.

Today, They have settled into their home with the help of their older brothers.

‘They are doing excellent. Exceeding all expectations,’ Casey said. ‘And the boys absolutely adore them.

‘They still won’t change diapers but they love to hold them and feed them. It’s heartwarming to see.’

While raising two babies at once is a challenge, it’s nothing new for Casey.

She said: ‘You fall into a routine after a while and it comes back to you after you’ve done it once.’

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