A Woman Gives Birth By The Seashore And In A Very Natural Way

A woman who decided to have a “free birth” and free of medical intervention, went viral on Instagram after sharing a video of her giving birth to her son in the Pacific Ocean.

The story of this woman went viral on social networks for deciding to have a birth in the middle of the ocean and not in a hospital, as is usually the case. The argument, according to her statements, is that in hospitals the natural process of women is lost, an opinion with which many mothers agree, but which has started a whole debate about whether it is good or not to do it, especially in cases like this where the father used a strainer to grab the ᴘʟᴀᴄᴇɴᴛᴀ.

Through her Instagram account, the woman identified as Josy Peukert, shared a video in which she is seen enjoying her “free birth” while kneeling on the shore of a Nicaraguan beach, a moment that quickly went viral on social networks, because the intimate moment stands out for seeing the waves of the sea cover the mother with her baby, who still has the ᴜᴍʙɪʟɪᴄᴀʟ ᴄᴏʀᴅ.

According to the Daily Mail, 37-year-old Josy and her partner, Benni Cornelius, 42, made the decision to have a different birth from what was socially established. And so it was that on the day her fourth child arrived, they decided to drive to the coast of Playa Majagual to bet on “free delivery,” a technique that has become popular among pregnant people. According to what has been revealed, the decision was not taken lightly since the woman had had bad experiences with her previous deliveries.

“I got this idea in my head. I wanted to give birth in the ocean, and since the conditions were right on the day, that’s what I did. My first birth was traumatic in a clinic and my second birth was at home, but for the third, even a midwife in my house was too much,” she explained after making her baby known.

However, with this technique, Josy experienced a calmer moment with the contractions while enjoying the sea. “The waves had the same rhythm as the contractions. That smooth flow made me feel great,” he said. On her part, her husband accompanied the woman with an emergency kit for childbirth, which contained towels and a sieve with which she caught the placeta so that the sea current would not carry it away.

In an intimate moment in the middle of the ocean, it did not end after the birth of the baby, since after giving birth, the woman returned to the sea “to cool off” and then simply got dressed “and we drove home, where the three of us went directly into bed”.

Josy gave birth to a baby boy, Bodhi Amor Ocean Cornelius, on February 27, 2022. “Bodhi is a really calm and satisfied baby. Everything is wonderful for him if he is in mama’s arms. He is just as relaxed as he was in my tummy,” she said. After the baby boy was born, they weighed Bodhi with luggage scales, he was 3.5kg or 7lb 6oz. He is now 13 weeks old.

The viral Instagram video received supportive comments from those who expressed concern about discovering that it was a safe delivery. Despite this, Josy stated that her little one “is perfectly healthy. He did all the research I needed to make sure he was safe” and even remembered that “water births are medically approved.”

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