Baby Dressed Up As A Lion Cub Meets A Real Lion, And The Big Cat Is Confused

It’s incredibly cute to see a kid costumed as a lion cub interacting with a big cat via a safety window. The American Atlanta Zoo is where the picture was taken.

Cami Fanning, Toddler’s godfather, shared the video on social media, and it quickly went viral. “For a small family trip, my closest buddy and I brought our 11-month-old godchild to the Atlanta Zoo,” he wrote. His mother packed his lion costume because our godchild’s name is Aryeh, which means lion in Hebrew.”

“Our small lion cub piqued the lions’ interest right away, and it wasn’t long until they couldn’t bear it anymore and headed straight to the glass.”

“Aryeh was absolutely unaffected and chatted with the lions for a few minutes,” the godfather continued. Unbelievable! “Our first little family outing was definitely a nice memory.”

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