Dad and Son Sob Uncontrollably as They Hold Their Family’s New ‘Miracle’ Baby

A touching video went viral of a father and son crying uncontrollably as they held miracle baby Giovanna. Thank goodness the family caught this sweet moment on camera! As a father and son hold their newborn daughter/sister for the first time, the pair is overcome with emotion. That’s because the road to get to this moment has been anything but easy. 

For years, Joao Prudencio Neto and his wife waited on God to give them another kid to join their son, David, who always yearned for a sibling. They soon received their miracle, welcoming a baby girl, Giovanna, without undergoing any artificial procedures. The family welcomed their new addition in March, giving each member a reason to smile and be thankful. Notably, none seemed more touched by the miracle than Neto and his son, who were lost for words when they met the little beauty for the first time.

All they could do at that point was shed tears of appreciation as the years of sadness, long, tear-filled nights, and unceasing prayers came flooding back. Neto shared a clip of the beautiful, emotion-packed moment on Instagram, also reflecting on their years of struggle. The video showed the new dad seated on a couch, with his son seated on his lap. The young boy, who held the baby affectionately in his arms, looked excited at first. The moment he stared down at his little sister’s peaceful face, he immediately broke down uncontrollably, with his dad joining in seconds later.

The dad whispered some consoling words to the boy, but those only served to intensify their overflowing emotions. The two also expressed their love to the baby girl by whispering endearments to her, officially welcoming her into the family. Via caption, Neto explained he became infertile after welcoming David but still trusted God for a miracle. After waiting patiently for almost a decade, his wife, Caroline Prudencio, finally conceived through natural methods.

The miraculous conception happened despite his zero spermatozoa production, making it all the more touching.

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