Dad Gives Birth To Daughter After Nurses Leave The Room In “Catch The Baby”

After his daughter arrived in a rush just as the nurses were exiting the delivery room, a quick-thinking father assisted in the delivery of his own child. And to record the amazing occasion, photographer Jennifer Mason was present.

When she went into labor just before 35 weeks, we knew her birth would be special, but we never anticipated dad to deliver the baby alone in the hospital room. Jennifer elucidated.

The nurses went to get supplies after entering her room (finally). The baby’s head is out, Mom shouted after a hard contraction. In the isolation of the hospital room, she was d.elivered into her mother’s m.esh under.wear and her father’s hands. When the baby girl screamed, we all knew she was okay. The finest times to give birth are when we are unattended.

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