Doctor Share Heartbreaking Photos Of Mother Who D.ied In Childbirth

When something goes wrong in the delivery room, we instinctively focus on the family who is left behind. Their grief is often so all-encompassing, so raw and painful, that focusing on anything else feels disrespectful. However, as a doctor posted on Facebook alongside a series of heartbreaking images of a mother who d.ied while giving birth, there are others who feel that intense grief.

He wrote, “Today is the saddest day of my life.”. As a doctor, I’ve worked with a lot of pregnant women, and whenever I’m in the delivery room, I pray to God to protect and b.less all mothers. “The p.ain of a woman in labor is intolerable, because it involves not only carrying the child for nine months, but also the birth of a new life.” We wept bitterly today because we had lost a woman. “How did this happy day turn into a tragedy?”

The doctor went on to tell the woman’s story, explaining that she had been trying to conceive for 14 years and had “tried all treatments including injections and artificial insemination” to get pregnant. Finally, she became pregnant and carried her baby to term despite having “a large tumor.” “When she was pregnant, the tumor started to melt and everything was fine.” During the delivery, her husband rushed to me and stayed for seven hours till we decided to cut her abdomen.

“She smiled as she went away, holding her infant in her arms.” The mother d.ied, but her kid lived; nonetheless, when her husband learnt of her d.eath, he p.assed out. “What happened to transform this joyous day into a tragedy?”

The doctor channeled his grief into a powerful message, “Women are dying to bring you new life,” which seems especially poignant in the run-up to Mother’s Day. “Respect women,” he continued, “for they are dying to give you fresh life.”. It is the greatest sacrifice if you endure the agony of childbirth for hours and spend long nights raising your children. “Please call your mum right now if you haven’t done so in a long time for any reason.” “Exhibit your affection and respect towards ladies.”

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