Heartwarming Image Shows Father And Son Cradling Newborn Twins On Bare Chests

The internet has recently been discussing skin-to-skin contact thanks to a sweet picture of preterm twins resting on their brother and father’s chests. Poor kids (or merely babies) are placed on naked skin for the purpose of regulating their body temperature and facilitating better respiration in this technique. This is what the father and son are doing in this Belgian photo that was uploaded on Facebook. The image gives visitors a genuine glimpse of the battle for a baby’s life who had the misfortune to be born early. The entire family’s resolve to keep going strong is just as important as the children’s own efforts.

Everyone can always rely on their family for help. You’re worn out. You long to be in your family’s embrace once more. You are missing. Use your family as a reference. A family is a place that provides for us without expecting anything in return. We are always inspired to keep trying by images and stories of families, such as mother and son, father and son, and siblings.

The South African organization, which promotes the practice of ‘kangaroo care’, writes: ‘Parents’ breasts regulate temperature better than incubators’. The child becomes calmer and gains weight faster. Facebook user Jennifer McClung Basinger added: “We did this with our son. Every chance they got, the nurses would put Cameron on our bare chest.

“We were told he would feel our body working and it would remind him to work. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I have a big and strong baby! “The image of the whole family together taking care of skin-to-skin care has been shared and liked thousands of times on Facebook. Perhaps this photo with their family will be something they keep in mind.

Tomorrow, when the child grows up, he can look in and see how much he has worked with his father. Not only for the baby’s family, but also for other families, they will have more faith, not easily giving up if there is still a small chance.

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