Identical Twin Sisters Who Defied All Hardship Gave Birth To Their Own Twin Daughters

Ms Cooke, 33, who lives in Cobham, Surrey, said: “I couldn’t believe it when the sonographer said I was pregnant with twins.” When Michelle Cooke was pregnant, she never expected that lightning would strike twice. She joked with her identical twin Sarah that history could repeat itself but was surprised when doctors confirmed she was expecting twins – and they were identical . Identical twins are caused by egg separation after conception and do not run in families.

The odds of identical twins are about 3 in 1,000. Experts describe the likelihood of it happening over two generations as ‘unprecedented.’ She recalled: ‘I found out that I was carrying identical twins was just unbelievable. I called Sarah, my identical twin and told her and she just yelled at the phone. She couldn’t believe it either.’ 

Leila Hanna, consultant gynecologist and obstetrician at Queen Mary’s Hospital and BMI The Sloane with over 30 years of experience says she doesn’t think it has been reported before. She said: ‘Identities are a pretty rare event, so it’s even rarer to repeat that for a second generation.

Ms. Cooke, a receptionist at a private health clinic, was thrilled to be pregnant, but she and her husband Pete, 39, were worried anything was going to happen so we went to get checked out. 8 weeks early health. ” I want to be sure and check if everything is going as it should. I was completely sʜᴏᴄᴋᴇᴅ. I was lying on the scanning table and I asked if she could see the heartbeat,’ she said.

“She turned to me and said yes, she can. And indeed she can see two heartbeats, which means I’m pregnant with twins. “I called Pete right away, and at first he laughed because he thought I was joking. But I assured him it was true and I was pregnant with twins. ‘ A follow-up ultrasound at 12 weeks showed the twins were identical and shared a placenta, which could lead to complications. She is scanned every two weeks to make sure that everything is going well.

The 33-year-old man, who lives in Cobham, Surrey and also his daughter Evie, gave birth to Elsie and Marni in September. The twins were delivered by C-Section in September at Kingston Hospital in Surrey, Marnie weighed 5Ib 2oz. and Elsie weighs 4Ib 7oz. They look so much alike when they’re born, she even painted Marnie’s fingernails pink so she could tell them apart.

When we were told they were indeed identical, it was another shock. No one in the family could believe it.  Mrs Cooke said: ‘It was a relief that they were born healthy and safe. I was delighted when they arrived. They’re incredibly similar and it’s hard to tell them apart, which is why I painted one of their nails pink. ‘And Mrs. Cooke hopes that her twin daughters will be as close as she and her sister, who have two children, Oliver, four, and Poppy, two, with fiancé James Griggs, 41, who works in private security. “Sarah and I were very close as we were growing up and we still have a really special close relationship.

We would swap classes at school and swap clothes at parties to confuse everyone and even our boyfriends. “We also think the same – we often finish each other’s sentences, and we have similar tastes in clothes and furniture. Our moms still can’t even tell us apart sometimes, especially over the phone. I also want my girls to have that closeness. An identical twin bond is a real must-have and I’m so glad my daughters will go through it too. When I tell people I’m an identical twin and I’ve just given birth to an identical twin. They just can’t believe it.” runs in families and is a spontaneous occurrence, so it is extremely rare for an identical twin to give birth to an identical twin on its own. 

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