Incredible Moment Russian Tourist Gives Birth Red Sea

There are plenty of fun things to do at the beach, but giving birth to a baby isn’t one of them. But this woman emerged with something that shocked everyone present

Most people choose to give birth to their babies in a hospital, due to the fact that hospitals have doctors, pain-killing drugs, beds, and other important things. In fact, most people consider hospital births essential, seeing as labor is one of the most difficult experiences known to humanity. Basically, they think that birthing should be done in a safe environment. That’s hardly a radical concept. But it’s also popular among some people to give birth outside of the hospital.

No one knows exactly who the woman is. But reports from those who witnessed the event say that the mother-to-be was Russian. Extraordinary images seem to show this woman giving birth to a baby under the water of the Red Sea.

She waded into the water, with the contractions making her stop now and then. Accompanying her was a man who was probably her partner and a man who appeared to be a water birth doctor.

Of course, all of this screaming meant that many people could work out exactly what was going on. The mother kept on pushing and pushing. Eventually, a large crowd had gathered.

In the end, the woman pushed the baby out. The father and the doctor both scrambled around in the water. The doctor grabbed the baby

It’s still unclear what exactly is going on with this family and their newborn baby, but medical experts definitely advise against the idea of giving birth to a baby in the salty waters of seas and oceans.

But could ocean births become commonplace?

It is a trend that is gaining in popularity. However, medical professionals strongly advise against the practice. Some doctors have said that “Even in the presence of a medical professional, an ocean birth could be harmful.”

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