Internet Melts Over Image Of Young Father Kneeling In Prayer By His Newborn Son

New father Victor Calmon witnessed the birth of his first child, Ivan. During the experience, he was so overwhelmed and overcome with emotion at the sheer weight of being entrusted to raise this new little.

“An incredible fear came over me … so I got over my embarrassment and just knelt down and talked to God.”

The young father is kneeling alongside his newborn son, who is cradled in the hospital newborn nursery, in prayer to God. From the time it was uploaded on Instagram by Victor Calmon, the 33-year-old new father of tiny Ivan, born in July, this scenario has fascinated many on the internet.

The photos were taken by a photographer from Jana Brasil Photography minutes after the baby was delivered, but they have made the emotion linger much longer now that they have been shared all over the world on various social media sites.

Victor was interviewed by the magazine Crescer, where he shared that it was all quite spontaneous:

“I saw myself at the center of a complicated situation, you know, and everything was new to me, and incredible fear came over me. Now, I wouldn’t be worrying just about me anymore; I had this new life to take care of. So I got over my embarrassment and just knelt down and talked to God. I asked him to help me mature, to become a better man, a good father, a good husband, and to increase my desire to grow and work so that my child might not lack anything.”

The blessing of having a child is causing Victor and his wife Luana to face head-on the natural fears all young parents have for the sake of their baby. Calmon also posted a photo of their new family together at Ivan’s birth: “That moment the chip falls, the handshakes and you really discover the reason for being in this world. I ask God, my wife, I say I love you, and to my son, I say welcome!”

Calmon is quoted as stating, “Besides working, whenever I can, I help my wife Luana to bathe Ivan and change his diapers. I don’t have time for myself anymore. But I remember it’s all worth it when I come home and I see Ivan’s smile.” In another Instagram post, he writes, “God is just, and at the right time he gave me everything I ever dreamed!”

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