Mom Reveals Her 12-Hour ‘Military Regime’ To Show What Living With Triplets Is Really Like

Young parents To manage the craziness of three babies, Rachael and Chris have developed an hour-by-hour timetable. Rachael and Chris Winterton, who live in Eastbourne, traveled to Cyprus for the fertility procedure but weren’t prepared for it to be so effective. Lily-Rose, Jude, and Esme, their three children, are referred to by the couple as the “little Winnies.” Rachael, 28, who was born in August, has disclosed the exact minute-by-minute timetable that she and Chris, 29, must now follow.

Special needs teacher Rachael admits in the beginning it was quite daunting having three mouths to feed every few hours, but they have now settled down into a routine. Their daily schedule consists of naps, walks, playtime, feeds, bath, story and most importantly bed time. She said: “Chris and I haven’t slept very much since the triplets were born.

“It is tough and I am always on the go. I think I’ve lost all my baby weight just running around after them all day. “The only way we’ve managed is by having a very strict daily routine. It’s all planned and timed very carefully, it’s like a military regime.” The day kicks-off at 6.30am, when she and mortgage advisor Chris wake up to begin their feeds, and as they’ve got to know their babies Lily-Rose goes first as she is the fastest.

Rachael said: “Then one of us will entertain them while the other goes to get dressed and then we swap. “I’m on maternity leave so I stay home while Chris goes to work but he always comes home to help with lunch. “They have set times for half an hour naps throughout the day with feeds, and play time in between. “They all love their Jumperoos and I spend all day singing for them. “I do sign language as I sing which is what they really love. We have story time every evening with touchy feely books. “At bath time Lily-Rose and Jude need to be bathed first because Esme is happy to wait.

“She’s definitely the most patient. “We get them down for the night at 6:45pm and then it’s time for us to make and eat dinner before a very early night and it all starts again.” Chris has been forced to give up golf to help, and despite the increased workload the new parents are smitten. Rachael said: “It’s three times the hard work that you expect to have as a new mum, it is a bit mad. “But I wouldn’t change it for the world. “As well as three times the work, we also get three times the joy, three times the smiles and three times the love.” They ended up with triplets after their second round of IVF, costing them £11,500 in total, implanting three viable embryos hoping at least one would make it. But all three began growing, and 5”4 Rachael gave birth by C-section to the triplets at 33 weeks, with them weighing only 11lb 3oz combined. After two-and-a-half weeks in special care they were allowed home, and while small are meeting all their milestones.

Rachael gushed: “Esme is really placid and chilled out but then she’s got this wild side and loves to roar at us. “Lily-Rose is our sensitive one, she’s very social and loves people but is also easily scared. “And Jude is the cheekiest little monkey. I know I shouldn’t say it but he is a typical boy and loves it when you blow raspberries. “We are so proud of them all, they are our mini Winnies.”

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