Mom Share Struggle Journey To Be A Mother Of Triplets

When Holly turned 34, they decided to try for a baby, but after twelve months, they found out that Holly needed to have one of her fallopian tubes removed, as she had a birth defect, which meant that one of her fallopian tubes were closed, preventing her from getting pregnant.

Due to the tube removal and her age, Holly and Jason were referred to a reproductive endocrinologist and despite her doctor telling her it was highly unlikely for her to become pregnant that month due to the position of the eggs being on the ‘wrong side’, she fell pregnant with a boy in February 2012.

Following months of trying to heal from the grief, Holly and Jason decided to try again and went to their fertility doctor. Through injections and several cycles later, she fell pregnant with a baby girl in January 2013. Along with their grief from the l.oss of their baby boy, they tried to stay positive. However, four months into her pregnancy on May 24, 2013, Holly ʟᴏsᴛ her baby girl due to chromosomal abnormalities.

A few months later, they began fertility treatments for the third time, but this time, Holly did not become pregnant. Following months with no explanation or reason for her inability to conceive, they decided to try through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and by that time, Holly was 38-years-old.

According to her doctor, the odds of a pregnancy via IVF were about 50/50, only three multicell embryos remained. They decided to use all three and despite the low odds of having multiple births, Holly became pregnant with triplets.

“I understood the risks of a triplet pregnancy and knew that a positive outcome was not likely. Carrying a triplet pregnancy puts all three babies at risk of preterm delivery, so we had some tough decisions to make; risk losing everything or terminate baby B.” she said

Despite being told by doctors that they would need to terminate one of her triplets, she gave birth to all three triplets on June 9, 2015. Beau, Wyatt and Savannah, were born only a minute apart.

She is extremely proud. Raising triplets isn’t easy, but it is so rewarding. I think it has been so amazing to be part of a unit like they are since the day they were born. Everyone tells us we are so incredibly blessed to have three healthy miracle babies.

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