Mothers Reveal Their Top 12 Pregnancy Fears

While pregnancy is a joyous and wonderful time, it can also be a time filled with fear and anxiety for many women. The “what-ifs” come out of the woodwork and soon-to-be moms become frantic for reassurance. Every mom will surely sympathize with these top 12 pregnancy fears:

  1. That you will have a mɪscarriage or a stɪllborn. And what could be worse than finding out the baby you were so excited about is no longer a reality? Maybe having to tell everyone over and over again about it?
  1. That there will be something “wrong” with your baby. Many parents fear that their child will be born with a physical deformɪty or birth dᴇfect.
  1. That you will go into preterm labor. One mom stated, “I’ve had my previous 3 kids preterm. Even though I know how it feels, I am scared that I will deliver my baby at work or something and I won’t be able to save him.”
  1. That you will eat or drink something that will hᴀrm your baby. With Listeria and other food-borne pathogens floating around, some moms are afraid to eat anything during pregnancy.
  1. That you will never be able to lose the baby weight. Most moms feared being pregnant and giving birth would permanently damagᴇ their body and self image.
  1. Getting stretch marks. One first-time mom commented, “I fear that my newly formed stretch marks won’t go away or will get worse.”
  1. That you will have to get an ᴇpisiotomy. Yikes! Enough said.
  1. That you will have an emergency c-section. This is something even repeat c-section mommies, like myself, are afraid of.
  1. That you will poop during delivery. This one was one of the most common fears among moms closer to delivery.
  1. That labor pain will be more than you can handle. This was more commonly mentioned by first-time moms.
  1. That you won’t make it to the hospital. Many soon-to-be moms worried they would give birth at home or in the car.
  1. And the last – but not least – is the fear that after all the joy of your child making his or her way into the world, you will be left with postpartum dᴇpression.

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