Mum Does Maternity Shoot with Thousands of Bees on Her Belly

A recent maternity shoot of a woman in Colorado featuring roughly 10,000 bees has gone viral. 

Pregnancy is one of the precious moments in a woman’s life. Stepping into the shoes of a mother is always thrilling and nerve-wracking. Growing up, they see their mothers doing such a stellar job nurturing them. All they want is to become as resilient, loving, and caring as them. Nowadays, this precious moment is celebrated in various ways. Parties are held where the gender of the baby is revealed. Baby showers are popular events where the pregnancy is celebrated with great pomp and show.

Photoshoots are also another way to celebrate the arrival of a new phase. Right from pre-wedding to maternity shoots, they have become extremely popular amongst the public these days. Coming to maternity shoots, the main purpose behind it is to showcase the beautiful moment and being excited about the arrival of a new member to complete in their family. The shoots are based on various themes. Either they are taken in the four walls of the homes or in the outside surroundings to give it a more natural touch. The props involve flowers and other pretty things. However, there have been instances where rather outlandish things have been a part of the photoshoot. In the instance that will be talked about now is a striking example of this.

A woman named Bethany Karulak-Baker posed for a maternity photoshoot with bees on her belly. Yes, honey bees buzzing around her pregnant belly. Around 10,000 bees are attached to her belly. “We just dumped the bees on me and they naturally began to beard. Don’t worry this was approved by my doc,” she said in her post.

For Karulak-Baker, this has not been an easy pregnancy. Earlier, she had faced a miscarriage after which she was shattered and heartbroken beyond belief. She requested the netizens to not see it as just a photo with her belly buzzing with bees, but as a brave and courageous woman and making her unborn child realize that her mother is a hero.

Some netizens bucked her up and were proud of her for taking it all the way. “I’m crying, this is beautiful,” one user reacted. Another one said, “This is beautiful! Keep being strong, Mama!” This style of the shoot might be slightly ‘out there’ but the story behind it is beyond beautiful and worth remembering.

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