Mum Shares Photos Of Her Two Sets Of Twins And It Will Melt Your Heart

Juliet Cannici, a photographer based in Massachusetts, and her wife Nikki are the proud parents of Nico and Siena, who are two years old, and Gia and Gemma, who are almost one month old. When 2 moms brought home their second set of twin babies, they thought it was a fitting occasion for a photoshoot. Thanks to kids being kids, however, their original concept didn’t go as well as planned, but what happened instead was the epitome of adorable. The older twins were not thrilled to be photographed in fancy costumes, but once the costumes were removed, they were all smiles and laughter as they embraced their new baby sisters. One stunning photo captures the moment in all its candid glory.

The pure, undeniable love between these silly siblings is going viral, and it’s not hard to see why. Juliet and Nikki have opened up to several sources about the challenges they faced while trying to become pregnant, which only makes the story of their rapidly growing family more heartwarming. If only we could all be as photogenic as these sweet twins, the world would be a better place.

Wow, do newborns ever pretty much always look exactly the same. The older kids are super cute though. The words “cutest nuggets” made me pull a face of discomfort though. There’s something about the word “nuggets” that just seems weird when applied to people. The older twins, Nico and Siena, weren’t too impressed with taking pictures in fancy costumes.

Juliet and Nikki Cannici have opened up to several sources about the challenges they faced while trying to become pregnant

Their second set of twins, however, arrived healthy and happy on January 5th, 2017

“These two were ready for their own time to shine…” The couple captioned this photo. It’s funny – anytime I photograph twin newborns, they will set up one twin in a pose, then move over the twin to pose them, just as twin #1 will move out of the pose.

Back to our adorable little duo… here are a few images from the baby newborn twin photography session… enjoy!

“It’s possible that I could be a bit biased, but I think my twin baby girls are some of the cutest nuggets I’ve ever seen!” Juliet wrote

They were adorable and liked cuddling next to one other. All four children appear to be healthy and lovely, which is really wonderful to witness. Congratulations to the family and the photographer, who captured everyone perfectly! The story of this rapidly growing family is utterly heartwarming.

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