Nebraska Couple Welcomes Quadruplets After Years Of Infertility

After nearly five years of infertility struggles, an Omaha, Nebraska couple has welcomed quadruplets. To begin with, Maria and Joseph Sawaged have attempted a variety of reproductive treatments, a total of 13 in all. It’s really difficult, and I hope you persevere and don’t give up. After a string of disappointments, the Sawageds learned last year that they were expecting quadruplets. Maria’s due date had been set for June 25. This small crew arrived early, as many sets of multiples do, on April 30.

Maria spent a month in the hospital for monitoring ahead of the birth. “I’ve never had just one baby,” Maria Sawaged said. “To me, this hard is my normal hard.” “During it, you have to rock for each other. It’s something that we had to fight through the whole time. Then science finally got it for us. We have our full family now.” Joseph said. Four weeks after the positive pregnancy test, the couple found out they were having quads. “It was an exciting day. Definitely nerve-wracking. We were both nervous, what was about to happen, but it was, I think we were more excited to finally meet the babies,” Maria said. Maria experienced no problems during her pregnancy, although she did spend the last month of her pregnancy in the hospital before giving birth on April 30.

The Sawageds welcomed three boys and a girl: Luca, Barrett, Tychus, and Julianna. The four children were born healthily, according to the parents, and while they each spent several weeks in the neonatal critical care u.nit, they are now all at home. The Sawaged quads fared well in their first major on-camera appearance, however mom and dad said they generally let you know when they need anything.Their house is full of baby gear, including hundreds of bibs and pacifiers, two changing tables, and four baby seats. In the meantime, Dad said he’s started thinking about saving up for high school, cars, and college … times four. Maria Sawaged said she’s enjoying every minute with the babies, even the late-night feedings and diaper changes. The babies get up every three hours to be changed and fed.

Then Mom and Dad try to get some sleep or tackle a bit of housework. “We’ve learned to do a lot with three hours of sleep,” Joseph said. “We’re going to learn more patience than usual, more compassion than usual.” “There’s gonna be lots of time and months and I mean it’s gonna, you’re gonna say to yourself, ‘I don’t want to do it anymore,’ but never give up. And just, even if you have to take a break, take a break. Months, you know, a year, whatever it may take. Just keep trying, if that’s what you want, and never give up,” Maria said. Sawageds are savoring every cuddle and anticipating a busy and exciting future. “Enjoying every single moment no matter how hard it is. Even late at night, we’ve been having to get up, so sometimes we will say oh my goodness, we’re so tired, but I’m just enjoying that. That night, we get to spend those minutes, that hour with the babies by ourselves. Just us as a family,” Maria said.

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