Newborn Twins Cuddling Perfectly Captures The Loveliness Of The Twin Bond

Many scientists have always found twins to be an intriguing subject. Many issues concerning the peculiar relationship between twins are raised by similarities in genetics, attributes, shapes, and personalities. This is often referred to as “telepathy.”

Famous for a video while sleeping, a pair of twin sisters in Florida, USA has sᴛᴏʟᴇɴ the viewers’ hearts because of a series of extremely lovely actions. Specifically, these two sisters slept hugging each other with sweet smiles on their faces when they were just born. Sometimes, they seem to be confiding in something.

According to research, 40% of twins have their own way of communicating. Children’s words understood and communicated only to them show the precious affection between sisters, especially twins. Many commented, “So cute!”, “I listened to this video over and over again.”, “Two sisters have their own baby language”. In a short period of time, the video received 22 million views, 256 thousand shares, and over 100,000 hearts.

These “telepathic” twins are named Sofia Tobon and Sara Tobon. In fact, this year, the two babies have turned 2 years old and are growing plump day by day.

The special thing is that 2 years later, the twins still captivate many people with pictures of their constant smiles when they are together.

Whether newborn or growing, the twins always smile and stand side by side in every moment.

Currently, Sofia and Sara own Instagram accounts with more than 21,000 followers and are managed by their parents. All these photos of children’s fun moments are updated by parents. In a street photo posted two months ago, the parents had “untold messages” between their children, “She is my sister, best friend, soul mate and the best part of me.”

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