Parents Welcome Identical Triplets Beating Odds Of 200 Million To One

To others, having a child appears to be a massive undertaking that they are unprepared to undertake anytime soon. The night feeds, the sobbing… let’s face it, the duty alone is enough to make some people tremble. A mum gave birth to rare identical triplets naturally conceived – at odds of 200 million to one. Sian Williams, 31, was already excited to find out she was expecting her first child with partner Aaron Palfrey, 26. But the scan revealed she was having triplets and they were going to be identical.

Thirty-one-year-old Sian and her partner, Aaron Palfrey, 26, were in a state of shock and presumably gutted that they hadn’t at least put a quid on the possibility. Sian welcomed her bouncing baby girls by C-Section – first Jorgie arrived 2lb 14oz, then Belle at a 3lb 2oz and finally Olivia at 3lb 2oz.

Finance worker Sian said: “I was excited to be having one baby, but in the scan, the doctor picked up two heartbeats and then the third one. One little egg had created three miracles.

“The doctors told us they were identical and the odds of that happening without fertility drugs was one in 200 million.

“We were completely speechless and stunned. At our 15-week scan, we found out we were expecting three girls.”

Sian has now color-coded their big toenail polish to distinguish the identical triplets – well, this is nothing if not inventive. Olivia has yellow, Jorgie has purple, Belle has pink, and Jorgie has purple.

However, she had to wait days before she was permitted to touch her triplets for the first time after they were born via c-section at 32 weeks. Sian added: “It was days before we were allowed to hold them but it was magical when we did.

“Aaron’s face was a perfect picture of pride. We couldn’t believe they were ours.”

Sian, from Gwent in South Wales, lost her dad Kelvin and her grandparents within a year.

She now says her triplets, who have just celebrated their first birthday, have been a source of ‘joy’ for the couple.

Sian said: “It had been such a horrible few years for our family so when we found out I was having triplets it brought joy back into our lives again.

“It is pure bliss watching them grow. Of course, it’s hard work but we love every minute of it.

“We’ve swapped our Mercedes for a sensible family Land Rover – it is much easier to fit in three baby car seats.”

Ms. Williams also gets a helping hand from her mum Julie, 57, who lives next door.

She added: “Aaron and I are a great team and we juggle the feeds really well.

“It is amazing but they all seem to sleep at the same time and long may it continue.

“Our house is right next door to my mum so it couldn’t be more perfect.”

Let’s put the probabilities of having identical triplets in perspective, shall we? According to reports, your odds of becoming a saint are one in 20 million, and your chances of becoming president are one in ten million.

It both sounds pretty impossible, don’t they? But don’t give up just yet because Sian is living proof you can beat the odds (or strike really lucky).

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