Pregnancy “Milestones” That Totally Deserve Celebration

When we hear the phrase “pregnancy milestones,” we immediately think of things like trimesters and fetal growth milestones. Medically, everything is sound. But because the growing child is the main emphasis, the impact of pregnancy on a woman’s lifestyle is utterly disregarded. something that a woman cherishes more than she does? However, a pregnant woman may encounter situations that are so challenging that carrying out routine domestic tasks seems like an impossible task at times. Considering the challenges she faces, it is by no means a small feat! So let’s focus on a handful of these occupations for a change. This is how it works:

  1. Rode Public Transport

Most of you would have been pregnant for 3-4 weeks by the time you realized you were pregnant. However, congratulations to you if you continued to use public transportation to get to work or for other errands after that. When women find out they are pregnant, they are usually advised to take things slowly. However, in today’s world, when a woman is constantly on the go, taking public transportation with all the shoving and jostling demands respect.

  1. Dressed Up Heinously For A Wedding

So you’ve got a big family wedding coming up. Alternatively, it’s your closest friend’s wedding, and you’ve agreed to be her bridesmaid no matter what! What do you do, especially now that you’re expecting a baby? You comply. Not only with your presence but also with your attire, which did little to flatter your present figure. Congratulations on your foresight in turning up in the first place!

  1. Survived The Glucose Tolerance Test

Until you approach the comparatively “safe” second trimester, you’re ready to breathe a sigh of relief when – bam! This exam appears out of nowhere and surprises you. The three-hour exam you might take will feel like the longest three hours of your life. It’s made worse by the fact that you’re supposed to eat nothing in between. With an increasing number of women being diagnosed with ɢᴇsᴛᴀᴛɪᴏɴᴀʟ ᴅɪᴀʙᴇᴛᴇs, this test has become an essential component of the prenatal process. So there’s another one crossed off the list!

  1. Squeezed Through Grocery Store Shelves

It’s possible that your stomach is expanding. When your neighborhood grocer put the shelves closer together, he didn’t have that in mind. You have no choice but to adapt since food shopping is your ‘territorium.’ And, if you made it through those tiny roads safely and effectively, you certainly deserve a pat on the back!

  1. Readied Your Hospital Bag Yourself

A pregnant woman can be a live example of self-sufficiency at times. It’s possible that you’re only a few days or weeks away from your D-Day. Then how could you wait to start packing your hospital bag? And kudos to you if you accomplished it all by yourself!!

  1. Cooked A Full Course Meal

When you’re expecting a child, it’s natural for family and friends to visit you regularly. Some of them even bring meals to avoid bothering you. However, there may be occasions when someone shows up unexpectedly and unprepared. You go into your kitchen, grab everything you can, and prepare a full-course feast fit for a Queen! Lady, we salute you!

  1. Shaved Your Legs During The Last Trimester

When your belly is completely developed, this is the most challenging stage of your pregnancy. You can’t see your toes because it’s so dark. You know, though, that you can’t go into labor with your legs covered with hair. So, if you sat through shaving your legs with an aching back and loss of breath one night, you deserve a loving hug!

  1. Gave Birth

All of the difficulties you’ve experienced so far fade in contrast to what you’ve accomplished in the end. You had a baby! You’ve given this earth a life! This certainly warrants a celebration!

We’re sure most of your mothers can relate to at least some of these scenarios. If you completed any or all of these chores during your pregnancy, remember that they are all achievements to be proud of. Let us raise a glass to it! Cheers!

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