Pregnancy Month By Month – Baby Development

Do you want to know about the changes that occur to the baby’s body during nine months? A baby grows and develops an amazing amount in just nine months. The formation of a life inside your womb consists of many stages. Let us take a peek into the womb and see how the little life grows from the first month to the time when it finally gets ready to leave the womb and enter into your life!

Month 1

During the first month of the first trimester, the mother discovers her pregnancy. The fertilized egg develops in a water-tight sac that slowly fills with fluid. The placenta also forms during this time and that works as a food source for the embryo during the whole pregnancy. By the end of the first month, the size of the embryo is just two cells and is smaller than the grain of a rice.

Month 2

In the second month, your baby’ brain develops. Along with this, the facial features also take their form. The baby gets one inch long by the end of the second month. The beating heart can be detected with an ultrasound. During this time, the mother experiences many hormonal fluctuations that cause morning sickness and extreme fatigue. A mother is recommended to consume prenatal vitamins, omega 3’s and fish oil to ensure a healthy growth of the baby.

Month 3

The tiny life inside you is now of the size of a plum and weighs about the same as half a banana. A mother may start to feel the top of her uterus above your pubic bone. The embryo now has transformed into a fetus. As the arms, hands, fingers, feet and toes are fully developed. Your baby’s genitals also develop however the gender is still difficult to know on ultrasound.

Month 4

Now you can hear the heartbeat of your baby clearly through a special instrument. The little one inside you starts making some movements like sucking his or her thumb, yawning, stretching. In the first month of your second trimester, your baby is about 5 inches long. The bones are developing and the nervous system starts to function. Also, the s.ex organs can be seen on an ultrasound.

Month 5

As the baby grows, the mother can feel some discomforts such as water retention, dizziness, indigestion, backaches and headaches. Also, you may start to feel the little human inside you moving around. The skin gets covered in a whitish coating that is called vernix caseosa. This shields the soft skin of the baby as it remains in the exposure of amniotic fluid. Hair growth continues on the baby’s head and body. The shoulders and back become covered with a thin hair called lanugo. Your baby also develops his hearing sense so you can have some sweet talk with your baby now

Month 6

Congratulations, you are halfway through your pregnancy now. The baby’s wrinkled skin starts getting smooth and reddish in color. Your baby is almost 12 inches long and can weigh close to 2 lbs. He may react to external stimuli such as some sounds by moving or increasing his pulse. You will also feel his hiccups and jerking sounds this month.

Month 7

Hearing sense of the baby is completely developed so you can experience the baby reacting to sound, pain and light. The amniotic fluid also starts diminishing. If the baby is born prematurely in this month, there is a good chance that the baby will survive. Typically during this month, the baby is about 14 inches long. Parents should attend birthing classes to prepare themselves for childbirth. These classes will teach them about labor and delivery and also how to take care of the newborn.

Month 8

During the eighth month, you will feel more kicks from the baby. intellect grows at a rapid rate and mostly all the senses can function now such as the baby can hear as well as see. Moreover, almost all organs get well-developed, including l.ungs. If you notice a yellowish f.luid lᴇaking from your breasts, panic, your body is getting ready to feed your baby. The weight of the baby is around 5 pounds this month.

Month 9

In the ninth month, the mother encounters braxton hicks contractions, pelvic pressure and negative changes in sleeping pattern. During this stage, the baby is completely grown and is ready to enter into the world. Also, you may notice less movements during the last few weeks of the pregnancy. The baby will move upside down with his head near the birth canal. At this stage the baby weighs nearly 7 pounds.

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