Pregnant Mother With ‘Huge’ Baby Bump Make People Thinking She Is Having Multiple Babies With How Big Her Belly Is

Eliana Rodriguez, 29, from Las Vegas, Nevada, welcomed her second child, a boy named Sebastian, through an emergency C-Section at Centennial Hills Hospital Medical Center on June 11th. A week before his arrival, she showed off her bare belly on Instagram while sharing some of the things strangers have said about the size of her bump.

There are some who have bluntly stated that she is ‘huge’ and ‘must be very painful.’ Others believe she is carrying multiple children.

‘You look like you’re twins,’ one person commented. ‘Have you checked to see if there’s another baby in there?’ someone else asked.

Many viewers commented to assure Rodriguez that she looked great, and moms who have faced similar questions can relate.

“It’s annoying isn’t it,” one mother wrote. “I notice people say this to almost every pregnant woman… There’s a baby in there, what to expect.”

But there are also people who miss the point and can’t resist a Sᴋɪɴg how many babies she is carrying and how big she thinks the baby will be. Some Instagram users predicted her son would weigh 10 pounds or more, but he weighed only 8 pounds, 3 ounces and was 20.5 inches long at birth.

In a more recent post, the mother-of-two shared a video of herself lifting her pregnant belly, saying her husband weighed 10kg when he was born.

She asked people who hadn’t seen her birth announcement to guess her son’s weight, and people were still shocked by the size of her belly in the final trimester.

‘Never seen someone’s belly like this unless there were twins!!! ‘ one person wrote, while another added, ‘I’ve never seen anyone lift their baby like that.

Another insisted: ‘That’s not even real’. ‘I’ve never seen a belly like that.’

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