Pregnant Yoga Teacher Delivered Her Baby in 10 Minutes Thanks to Headstands

Randi Greene, a 30-year-old Ohio woman, continued to do yoga movements such as headstands throughout her pregnancy and up until the day she gave birth.

Randi Greene refused to roll up her mat when she fell pregnant, and instead shared jaw-dropping photos of her pulling off impressive moves even with a growing bump.

Randi, who trained as an instructor after falling in love with yoga three years ago, credits her practice with helping her during contractions when she was giving birth, and says it helped her to create a ‘deeper mind-body connection’ during pregnancy.

There were definitely certain poses and movements that I was unable to do during my pregnancy,’ Randi said. But she adds: ‘Though I had to stop doing certain poses, my body was able to do so much more than I could have ever imagined.

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