See How This Baby Monkey Is Caring For Ducklings Like A Family Member

Even the most hardened hearts would soften after seeing eight minutes of sheer tenderness as these creatures were being cared for. We’ve seen a lot of unusual animal friendships over the years, but we’re quite sure you’ve never seen anything quite like this. Many of us are drawn to videos of cute animals performing cute things. These sorts of videos are popular on social media because they appeal to people of different ages, genders, and hobbies. If you’re one of those folks, this video of a newborn monkey looking after a litter of ducklings will brighten your day. Baby monkeys and donkeys are quite lovely in their own right, but when you combine them, the cuteness factor skyrockets!

The newborn animals are seen hanging out together in the video, which is paired with soothing music. The video opens with the baby monkey looking down on the ducklings with love. The monkey’s fur was being groomed by the birds, while the primate tenderly petted the children. You could tell how happy they were to be in one other’s presence. The monkey gives one of the ducklings a hearty embrace after a few seconds, while the others remain huddled together.

I feel that the spectators’ hearts have fully melted into a large puddle at this time. If there was a competition for the prettiest animal video, I’m sure this one would win! The ducklings trailed following the monkey as he headed off in search of goodies, making sure he didn’t get too far away. They appear to believe the monkey is their mother based on their behavior. This adoring family couldn’t seem to get enough of one other. When it was time for a snack, the ducklings were observed eating rice placed on a large leaf, while the monkey drank fluids from a baby bottle that had been prepared. Even though their diets are different, the animals still like to eat together.

The party chows down their supper after a long day of playing in order to refuel for their next excursion. It appeared that the monkey had abandoned his “kids” when he climbed up a tree to practice his swings. But as he returned down, his fuzzy companions were waiting for him at the bottom. What a clingy situation! The monkeys and ducklings continue to investigate their woodland home. They are surrounded by numerous plants, bugs, and dirt, but the best part is that they get to experience their babyhood with their best buddies.

After all that swinging, the ape couldn’t stop himself munching on the plants and flowers he came across. While a handful of the ducklings slept, the monkey stood nearby, as if to ensure that they were safe throughout their rest. Because the monkey was there to guard them, these ducklings didn’t have to worry about predators assaulting them.

Although the video was only uploaded on YouTube on June 4, it has already received over 45 million views! Here are some of the responses from the audience. “I can’t stop smiling, it’s so pure and lovely.” “Beautiful, simply gorgeous!” These little rascals have brightened my entire day! May God continue to bless them throughout their lives. Thank you, too, to the creators of this wonderful video.” “They’re so sweet and innocent!” Unless they’re predators, animals seem to cooperate together in some way. These lovely babies, on the other hand, are very delicate and compassionate! It makes you cry since it’s not something you see very frequently with people!”

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