Sisters Who Gave Birth to ‘Twin Cousins’ Minutes Apart Recreate Maternity Photoshoot on Daughters’ 1st Birthday

The women commissioned a collaborative maternity photo shoot in identical blue outfits and flower crowns to honor the amazing coincidence. On the same day, sisters Corey and Katie delivered birth. The close-knit couple recently celebrated the first birthdays of their daughters. They recreated their lovely maternity photoshoot, but this time with their young daughters, to commemorate the significant event.

Last year, a pregnant Corey Struve Talbott, 32, rushed to a Californian hospital where her sister, Katie Struve Morgan, 30, was about to give birth. But Corey began going into labor herself as her sister was already on the delivery table. They ended up giving birth to their baby girls just 20 minutes apart. 

Now their hope is that their daughters Ryatt and Indie will grow up as close as they are. The sisters found out they were both expecting in late 2015. However, they never thought they would actually be able to give birth on the same day.

Corey was planning on having a C-section delivery and was waiting for the scheduled date when Katie went on to labor. But Corey soon found herself in labor as well. ‘Corey was on her way to [take] photos for me and I hadn’t seen her and I’m like, “Where is she?” And she comes in fully gowned with her IV and she’s like, “I’m sorry, I have to have Ryatt! She’s coming!”’ Katie told ABC News. 

Hilariously, the sisters’ doctor and nurses had to keep running between their two rooms. Two minutes into Corey’s C-section, the doctor had to run back to Katie to deliver her baby. ‘This is crazy! It’s like having twins with two separate people,’ said one nurse as she ran between delivery rooms. Cousins Ryatt Raegan Talbott and Indie Mae Morgan were born just 20 minutes apart on August 10th, 2016. 

In honor of their little girls’ birthdays, Corey and Katie put back on their teal dresses and flower crowns from their joint maternity shoot. This time their adorable daughters featured. The new photos see Ryatt and Indie wearing matching polka dot dresses and flower crowns just like their mothers. In one shot, Corey and Katie are holding their daughters in one arm and balloons in the shape of the number one in the other. 

The sisters, who live five minutes from each other in Salinas, California, are raising their daughters as sisters. Corey says she is the more outgoing sister and her daughter Ryatt takes after Katie and is soft-spoken. Corey and her husband Travis also have a two-year-old son, Tydus, and Katie and her husband Tim share two other girls, Olivia, seven, and Willow, four.

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