Sixth Grade Teacher, 33, Gives Birth On The Sidewalk Outside Denver Middle School

A Denver middle school teacher kicked off the new year in dramatic fashion by giving birth on a campus sidewalk. Lindsay Agbalokwu, 33, teacher from Denver, Colorado, is now the famous mother of a baby girl, though she had little time before her daughter was due to arrive when she was working at school. She had the surprise of a lifetime when her baby girl decided to come early with her plan, and the teacher suddenly gave birth on the sidewalk outside her school before helping partners. She welcomed her daughter Zara on Tuesday outside DSST: Conservatory Green in Stapleton, Colorado. 

Agbalokwu was at work on September 6, 2019 when she suddenly had contractions and went into labor. Agbalokwu went to work about her day as usual, even handing out an award at a school  assembly. At that point, she realized she wanted to labor and deliver her daughter. Once the ceremony  was over, she went back to her classroom and things.“All of a sudden, there was just so much pressure and rapid contractions. Ohno ‘I think she’s coming now! I think we need to just call 911,” she said.

Agbalokwu quickly asked her co-teacher  to control her classroom, and then she went to the bathroom and prepared to book it to the hospital . Her partner Marissa Kast then alerted Principal Natalie Lewis and Dean of Students Chris Earls, everyone hurried to help Agbalokwu out of the school to the nearest hospital. But by then, the mom-to-be knew she was in labor. Agbalokwu was progressing so rapidly  Agbalokwu couldn’t go to hospital in time. Acting quickly, Kast took a sleeping bag from her car and laid it down on the sidewalk for Agbalokwu to lie down on. Meanwhile, Lewis called 911. “I lay down and we put the dispatcher on speaker phone, who started giving delivery instructions to Natalie and Chris,” Agbalokwu recalled.

Moments later, little Zara was born, right outside her mother’s school with the helping of her mother’s partner. They didn’t stay there for long, of course – both mom and baby were soon rushed to the hospital for further care. “I was in so much worry, I didn’t be shy that these people are my bosses – they are both parents, too, they can understand everything” Agbalokwu said. Agbalokwu and Zara are now at home with Agbalokwu’s husband and their 17-month-old son.

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