Sweet Moment 3-Year-Old Girl Meets Her Baby Sister For The First Time

This is the adorable moment 3-year-old Molly beams with pride as she holds her baby sister for the first time in hospital.

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Molly is seen hugging her newborn sister Cora and grinning with joy in the heartwarming photographs, which were taken on November 1, 2019, at a hospital in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania.

During the footage, which has since received more than 27,000 on social media, older sister Molly, from Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, cradles her newborn sister Cora tightly in her arms and can’t take her eyes off the new bundle of joy. As the toddler gently pats the baby’s head and offers her multiple kisses, mother Heather Conley is heard telling her child: ‘Be gentle.’

Knowing she must be gentle with the little baby, Molly tells her new sister: ‘You just came out of mommy’s belly. I won’t drop you … I won’t let you go anymore.’ How precious we wish our days were always filled with that kind of love she has at that moment that she holds her sibling and stays throughout our lives. She’s “so cute!” Molly says of her new sibling while snuggling up to her and gently giving her a loving pat. Molly gently pats her baby sister’s head and gives her a loving hug. The caring toddler then offers Cora a gentle and places her face against the newborn’s cheek before returning her gaze back to the newborn.

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Mother Heather, who is carefully watching on from the bed, is overcome with emotion at the sight of the two sisters bonding and is heard saying: ‘I just got that on video.’ It’s amazing how the baby remains calm and quiet…it’s like she knows she is safe in her big sis arms. She knows she is loved so she doesn’t even cry!!! Molly has lived with love her whole little life, so when her baby sister came along, she knew just what to do. Wonderful child, cute baby, and clearly good parenting!!!

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