The 10 Most Famous Reality TV Moms

  1. Maci Bookout: 16 and Pregnant/Teen Mom

It’s impossible to make a list of Reality TV Mom Without at least one Teen Mom from the MTV program of the same name, Moms would be incomplete. Farrah Abraham, Jenelle Evans, and Leah Messer may have been more famous (or notorious) adolescent moms, but Maci Bookout deserves particular recognition (McKinney). Bookout, who was born in Tennessee, originally featured on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant in 2009, shortly after giving birth to her first son, Bentley. She soon moved on to Teen Moms, where she had to deal with many of the same issues as the other cast members, including an immature and irresponsible baby daddy, but she always made an effort to make Bentley happy. Bookout continues to work and manage a company while raising her three children, Jayde and Maverick, in a loving household. On October 8, 2016, Bookout married Maverick’s father, Taylor McKinney.

  1. Michelle Duggar: 19 Kids and Counting

There’s an old adage that says quantity is better than quality, but don’t tell that to Michelle Duggar, who had 19 children with her husband, Jim Bob, between 1988 and 2009 – one every 14 months. Ten boys and nine girls have been presented during the course of the show’s ten seasons, which began in 2008. All of their names begin with the letter “J.” The Duggars are expected to have a few hundred grandchildren in the future.

  1. Teresa Giudice: Real Housewives

Teresa Giudice, actress of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey, has four children with her previous husband of 20 years, Guiseppe “Joe” Giudice: Gia, Gabriella, Milania, and Audriana. The fact that Ms. Giudice can handle the parenting of four girls in that age range proves she deserves to be included on any list of the most well-known reality moms. Gia is the oldest at 19, and Audriana is the youngest at 11, but the fact that Ms. Giudice can handle the parenting of four girls in that age range proves she deserves to be included on any list of the most well-known reality moms.

  1. June Shannon: Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

Maybe we’ll never know if “Mama June” Shannon was named after June Cleaver from Leave It to Beaver, but when she and her daughter, Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson, appeared on TLC’s Toddlers & Tiaras in 2011, they became new mother and daughter sensations. That led to the 2012 film Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, in which we met June’s other three children as well as the rest of the Shannon family. Mama June: From Hot to Not, the We TV spin-title, off’s wasn’t quite as complimentary, but there’s no disputing that “Mama June” has done her best as a mother while coping with ever-worsening problems. After all, no mother is flawless.

  1. Dina Lohan: Living Lohan

Although just two of Dina Lohan’s four daughters grew on to be performers, her firstborn, Lindsay Lohan (center), would have been a handful for any mother, since she was a child star at the age of 12 in 1998. Maybe Lindsay’s mother had more ambitions than being the epitome of a “momager.” When she received her own E! program, Living Lohan, in 2008, she could at least demonstrate how well she got along with Lindsay’s younger sister, Ali (on the right), who was 25 at the time and just starting her own acting and singing career.

  1. Kate Gosselin: (Jon &) Kate Plus 8

Kate Gosselin, a Pennsylvania nurse who followed in the footsteps of many reality TV stars by simply being an ordinary person… with a lot of kids, would be missing from any list of the Best Reality Moms. In Gosselin’s instance, Kate gave birth to preterm twin daughters in 2000 with her husband, Jon, and then sextuplets four years later! Sure, it’s not quite as spectacular as Nadya Suleman, the famous “Octomom,” who gave birth to eight infants at once, but Gosselin went on to turn her abilities to raise eight kids into a full-fledged reality TV star, first in Jon & Kate Plus 8 in 2007 and then in Kate Plus 8 in 2010. For six seasons of the second series, Gosselin, like so many other moms on our list, was a single mother to a huge brood of children. With her oldest daughters and their teen siblings able to watch themselves, Gosselin could finally focus on herself in 2019, resulting in the TLC series Kate Plus Date.

  1. Tori Spelling: Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood/True Tori

When Tori Spelling and her husband, Dean McDermott, made their reality TV debut with Tori & Dean: Inn Love in 2007, they discovered a means to share their whole lives with the public. By the third season, it had evolved into Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. Spelling and McDermott only had their son, Beau, and Jack from his previous marriage when they became reality TV stars. The couple had four additional children over the next ten years: Stella, Hattie, Liam, and Finn, while also starring in a variety of programs. Simultaneously, Spelling became a best-selling author with Mommywood, a memoir on her experiences as a mother of five, published in 2009.

  1. Sharon Osbourne: The Osbournes

The wife of rocker Ozzy Osbourne has had a difficult life, but the matriarch of MTV’s The Osbournes has proven to be a rock for her children, Kelly and Jack Osbourne. (Aimee, the eldest daughter, opted out of the spotlight and was not included on the show.) Sharon Osbourne’s children have experienced some significant growing ᴘᴀɪɴs, which were documented on the famous show that aired for four seasons starting in 2002. Sharon had to be a mother to her own husband at times while Ozzy suffered with different ᴅʀᴜɢ and ᴀʟᴄᴏʜᴏʟ difficulties, so it was only natural that she could take whatever her children threw at her. She continued to be a queen of reality TV when The Osbournes ended, presenting various series and continuing her regular role on The Talk, which she began in 2010.

  1. Kim Kardashian West: Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Kim Kardashian West was the second oldest of six children, following in her mother Kris Jenner’s footsteps, so it’s no surprise that she and her husband Kanye West desired a large family. Perhaps it’s concerning that Kardashian originally got recognized for as.e.xvideo in 2002 or as a guest on Paris Hilton’s The Simple Life, but Kim has turned her attention to parenting since delivering North West in 2013, all while operating her own multimillion-dollar companies and modeling. Saint and Psalm, as well as Chicago, the second daughter, followed. Kim appears to be preoccupied with being a good mother at all times.

  1. Kris Jenner: Keeping Up with the Kardashians

You have to add Kim’s “Momager,” Kris Jenner, if you’re going to include her on the list of most well-known reality TV parents. After all, Jenner has had the good pleasure of marrying twice and having a wonderful family of six children, many of whom have gone on to become superstars and stars in their own right. Jenner has Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, and Rob Kardashian with lawyer Robert Kardashian, and two additional children, Kylie and Kendall, with Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner. The kids on KUPWK varied in age from Kylie, 10, to Kourtney, 28, when the show first aired in 2007. Despite the fact that several of them married many times, Jenner was still instrumental in keeping this large family together, and not just for the purpose of their famous E! program.

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