Triplets’ Mom Shares Amazing Before And After Pregnancy Photos

The Fairbanks couple sees all the children as a gift, and is grateful for their “little” family. They learned that they were expecting a family increase. The couple already had two children, and were overjoyed that they would have a little sibling. Three children had always been a bit of a dream come true for both.

This time the expectant mother noticed that the pregnancy was not like the others, but it was not a feeling of uneasiness. It was just different, and the gut feeling, it never goes wrong.

Crystal Fairbanks was in week 10, she went to the doctor for a normal routine check-up, where it was suggested that they take an ultrasound. Since this was not planned, the expectant mom saw it as a nice bonus. However, the doctors’ gaze was quickly replaced by a serious mine during the check-up.

He said “Oi! Wait a minute now, and I thought that now there is no child in there, or something is wrong. But then he suddenly says, ‘Oh my God, I’m two heartbeats. You are expecting twins ”, says the mother.

Fairbanks had two to four children. At least that’s what they thought. As the pregnant belly grew, the mother realized that there was more, which she did not know what was. Quite right, the couple was expecting triplets.

“I knew all along that the delivery would be through c-section but got overly nervous a few weeks before delivery. Through the pregnancy I was so focused on keeping the babies healthy and cooking for as long as possible. I heard many scary scenarios about delivering too soon so I was counting to get to a safer point daily.

(For some reason when you’re pregnant with multiples, everyone likes to share all of the scary stories of their cousin’s cousin that had babies early, etc and I let fear of that creep in.) By the time we were at a safer place with the babies, the fear of delivery came. My OB was awesome and so patient with me. He knew I was nervous so he scheduled the delivery on his vacation time off because he knew that him being there comforted me. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

Everything went so smoothly. Everyone was so excited to be there with us which really helped calm my nerves! We had almost 20 people in the operating room. Three doctors, nurses, Anesthesiologist, and a NICU crew for each of the babies. I remember the anesthesiologist being so sweet to me the whole time. He kept holding my hand and talking me through everything. Evan was popping back and forth from my side to the doctors’ side to where each of the babies were getting oxygen levels checked. Eli came head down, followed by Easton who was born in the sac, and Jade born feet first! Evan got the entire thing on video and it’s the coolest thing. We have decided to save that just for us for now but we are sharing a small snip of it here!

My recovery has been really hard because my belly was so stretched that it would hang way over my incision, making it take longer to fully close and heal. I had to physically lift it with both hands to see the incision for the first month’s PP. It’s now finally completely healed!

⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣Looking back, I wish I wasn’t so nervous for this moment because it is so special. I wish I could relive it again!”

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