Two Sisters Give Birth To Identical Twin Girls Within Three Months Of Each Other

The family was stunned when two sisters gave birth to identical twin girls months apart. You would be mistaken if you thought it was unlikely to produce twins. The likelihood of a mother having identical twins is approximately 250 to 1. The likelihood of two siblings having twins at the same time is extremely remote. That is exactly what occurred to sisters Megan O’Brien, 29, and Sara Seyler, 32, who each gave birth to identical twin girls.

Megan gave birth to Lilah and Josie on November 21 last year, and her sister Sara Seyler had Lennon and Parker just three months later in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, in the US. On top of the “complete coincidence” of being pregnant at the same time, both siblings ended up having twins. Although Megan’s husband Matt is a triplet, there was no indication Megan would give birth to twins, never mind her sister Sarah too. Reflecting on the moment she found out Sara was expecting twins as well, Megan said: “My jaw just dropped.” I got tears in my eyes because there are no twins in our family anywhere. It was so cool that she was having twins too. When she told me that she was pregnant with twins, I was actually not home. I was celebrating a friend’s bachelorette. I knew she was having an ultrasound—like her very first ultrasound—and then she called me as well. I was like, “Oh, she is probably just FaceTiming me to tell me how the appointment went,” and I answered the FaceTime, and she was crying, and I thought, “Oh my god, what’s wrong?” Then she held up the ultrasound picture, and there were two babies.”

The pair admitted they enjoyed going through the pregnancy journey together. While four tiny additions to the extended family could easily overwhelm, the duo said it has been easy to get used to the new arrivals as they naturally come from a large family themselves. So when the whole family gets together, they describe the chaos as ‘pretty normal.” Megan’s daughters, Lilah and Josie, were born on November 21, 2021, at Doylestown Hospital, Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Lilah was born at 1.33 am weighing 4lbs 14oz, with Josie being born a minute later at 1.34 am weighing 4lbs 6oz. Sara said she had a very similar pregnancy to her sister Megan, her first trimester was “awful” with sickness.

She said, “My first trimester was absolutely awful with sickness. I was sick, but I was extremely sick. Yes, things were not going well. My second trimester was actually really good. I felt pretty good the entire time. Probably around the same time as Megan, like the 30- to 33-week mark, it gets very, very painful. You know, when you’re carrying twins, you’re basically carrying a full-term baby at like 32 weeks because you have more than one in there. So, like, it gets very, very uncomfortable. Sara’s daughters, Lennon and Parker, were born on February 8, 2022, at Lehigh Valley Hospital, Pennsylvania. Parker was born at 7:31 p.m., weighing 5 lbs. 11  oz., and Lennon was born a minute later, weighing 4 lbs. 5 oz.

Megan said it has been “super helpful” that her sister Sara is going through the same experience as her. She said: “It’s not always rainbows and butterflies.” There are some hard days. So, you know, especially because we have an outlet in each other, we’re going through the same thing. That has been super helpful. “It’s a big support for the both of us, and then we get to share the funny stories and, you know, buy them the same outfit.”

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