Unforgettable Photos That Show The Beautiful Realities Of Giving Birth

Giving birth during a pandᴇmic is no small feat. Is there anything more beautiful or more powerful than a woman giving birth? This life-changing rite of the passage gives birth to both a new kid and a new mother at the same time, and it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event. The ability to witness such beauty and strength via the sharing of birth photos helps to normalize birth and bodies, and we are delighted to be able to share the best of the best with you here. Through her photos, we hope women recognize that all types of birth are beautiful and embrace how powerful having a baby can be.

This incredible mom had a beautiful VBAC at UCH.

Beautiful home birth for these first-time parents in the heart of Denver, with Peace, Love & Shari.

Welcoming their fourth baby at Rose Hospital.

A lovely afternoon delivery at home. She gave birth to her third child…and her first son. Attended by Gina Gerboth of Metro Midwifery!

@thelabormama showing off her sweet baby boy to big sisters at home!

We weren’t able to go to the hospital with these parents but were still able to document their labor at home. The photo was taken by my associate, Rebecca.

A powerful rainbow birth at Colorado Birth and Wellness

This family’s third child…and first girl…was born in a beautiful, tranquil homebirth. Rebecca, one of my colleagues, took the snapshot.

This new dad holding his son for the very first time at Colorado Birth and Wellness.

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