What Being Pregnant with Multiples Looks Like?

Pregnancy is fascinating – And the following these moms deserve a round of applause for housing more than one human at a time! You can follow each of their journeys on Instagram below.

  1. This woman was about 25 weeks pregnant with twins: Wanda gave birth to her twins at 35 weeks.
  1. This woman who was about 36 weeks pregnant with triplets: Betsy’s triplets were born full term and went home two days after birth.
  1. This woman who was 20 weeks pregnant with twins: The O’Driscoll twins were born at 36 weeks.
  1. This woman was 34 weeks pregnant with triplets: Charlotte’s triplets were born at 34 weeks.
  1. This woman who was 30 weeks pregnant with triplets: Hayley’s triplets were born at 33 weeks.
  1. This woman who shared her week-by-week pregnancy progression with triplets… Maria’s triplets were born two days after the above photo – at 35 weeks.

…And then got super real about her postpartum body: At 52 weeks postpartum, Maria said, “Today I am left with the typical mom body: Deflated ʙᴏᴏʙs (I have gone down a cup size in bras), saggy belly with lots of excess skin, less tight ʙᴜᴛᴛ, lack of muscles everywhere but the upper arms, hair loss, more visible veins on my thighs, and the list goes on. I can wear all of my old clothes again, but not all of them fit as well as they did before.⁣”

  1. This woman who was 29 weeks pregnant with quadruplets: Lindsay’s quads were born at 31 weeks.
  1. This woman who was 35 weeks pregnant with triplets: Erin delivered her triplets ᴠᴀɢɪɴᴀlly at 36 weeks.
  1. This woman was 36 weeks pregnant with twins: Sierra’s twins were born around 37 weeks.
  1. And this woman who was one day shy of being 33 weeks pregnant with triplets: Roxanne’s triplets were delivered four days after this video.

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