What Labor Is Really Like, as Told by New Moms

Expectant mothers frequently wonder what their labor would be like. Additionally, during pregnancy, you could frequently wonder how the pain would feel and whether the experience will live up to your expectations. Because there was so much interest in it, we questioned a number of new mothers about their laboring experiences. You could gain a better picture of what might happen during labor by reading about their personal experiences.

Not That Bad!

Rubina: “Personally, I felt that the labor was not as scary as I had made it out to be. Despite the fact that I was in labor for nearly 16 hours, I felt that the time simply flew by. And, of course, it seemed much easier as soon as the epidural kicked in.” 

Sadhna: “My labor was just great. It was in my 36th week itself that I had to rush to the hospital where my doctor announced that I was already five centimeters dilated. I was given an epidural immediately and rushed to the delivery room. Four hours later, I gave birth to a lovely, little boy, and that too quite painlessly.”

Maya: “Of course, the labor does bring its own share of pain. But, it is not as bad as how it is shown in the TV series and movies. The pain was quite similar to that of a menstrual cramp. Perhaps, just a little bit more but it was surely not excruciating. And, once I got to hold my little one, all pain just vanished away.”

How Does It Really Feel Like?

Shruti: “Everyone told me that the feeling would be very similar to that of a horrible menstrual cramp. But, it felt much more intense and the pain was radiating all through my lower back area. And, with every contraction, my lower back pain just increased even more, and more. The pain would reach a point where it almost became unbearable and then subside on its own gradually. So, for me, it hurt even more than I had imagined it to.”

Radhika: “Being a first-time mom, I initially faced difficulty understanding if what I was experiencing was labor pain or if it was just another Braxton Hicks contraction. What made it tougher was that my symptoms didn’t fall in either category. My cramping was mostly under my belly region; it wasn’t in the back as the books had described. So, when I reached the hospital to just double-check, I was sure that they were going to send me back. I was, in fact, quite surprised when they told me that I was already in labor.”

All The Pain Worth It

Naina: “For me, the labor pain came in waves. So, when it was hurting, I found it even hard to breathe. Then, it would mellow down on its own, only to come back again. But, having said that, the second I looked at my tiny bundle of joy, I knew I would easily do everything all over again. The feeling is just surreal!”

Ria: “I think the worst of all was pushing. I felt like it was burning down there, with all the stretching and pushing. I thought that there is no way that I would be able to push out a baby; it will just not fit. But, once everything was done and I got to hold my precious, little angel, every bit of the pain seemed worth it.”

Prepare to still be surprised as the entire labor experience can vary from one woman to another. If your due date is around the corner, we hope that you now have a better understanding of how it is going to be. 

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