What Your Baby’s Name Says About You

When your little bundle of joy comes, you’ll make every effort to make everything you do for him or her memorable and distinctive. That goes for the name of your child as well. Finding the ideal name, on the other hand, is not a simple process. You’ll put a lot of thought into it, whether it’s for its meaning, the way it sounds, or just as an homage to someone special to you. But, no matter what you do, your baby’s name will represent a little piece of your personality. Here are five facts about you that your baby’s name will reveal:

5. You Simply Love It On Your Baby

Sometimes, the kind of name you choose for your baby has nothing to do with any of the above-mentioned reasons. You might just come across it randomly, picture your baby, and feel it suits him/her perfectly! And, if the meaning of the name is equally good, that acts as an added bonus. However, all you’d be excited about at that point is when you’ll get to call out to your baby with that beautiful name.

4. You Are Proud Of Your Lineage

A percentage of parents are proud of their lineage, heritage, and even the place their ancestors came from. One method they achieve this is bypassing a certain surname from generation to generation. As a result, finding a name that matches well with the family surname becomes even more essential for such parents. And when they finally find a name that goes well with their surname, they can’t wait to tell the rest of the world about it.

3. You Invest Heavily Into Emotions

For some parents, naming their child after a great grandpa or a family member with whom they have a strong emotional bond is a natural choice. This is their way of honoring their loved ones while also preserving their cherished memories. There are also parents who have a definite preference in the shape of a literary character from one of their favorite books. This might also be because that specific character left a lasting impression on the parent’s mind as a kid reader. This also directly reflects parents’ own preferences for specific personality qualities that they value in a person.

2. You Want It To Blend With Your Baby’s Personality

Haven’t we all heard names like ‘Happy’ or ‘Poppy,’ which may appear charming on a newborn but sound strange when they grow up? Or names that appear acceptable for an adult but are far too serious for a child? So, if your baby’s name matches his or her personality at any given time, you’ve got a winner. Choosing a name that appears to suit your baby’s current and future personality demonstrates your insight. You avoided being influenced by dumb trends and advice by making a sensible decision instead.

1. You Believe In Standing Out

When you’ve decided on a name for your kid, you’re hoping for one of two things to happen. One, your relatives and friends will grin and remark that it’s an unusual name they’ve never heard before, prompting interesting inquiries about its origin and meaning. Two, your loved ones will instantly know the name, but you’ll entertain them by informing them that it’s spelled differently. This demonstrates that you want your baby’s name to be memorable, if not for its distinctive sound or meaning, then for its odd spelling.

No matter how you’d have chosen your baby’s name, there might have been one constant thought in your mind. And that would be of you reaching home, calling out to your little one, and your baby running into your arms.

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