Woman, 24, Who Has 22 Children And Wants To Have Even 105 Kids

Christina Ozturk – A Russian woman has welcomed 21 surrogate babies in just over a year with her millionaire husband – and insists she’s still a ‘hands-on mother’ despite spending £67,700 every 12 months on 16 nannies. She gave birth naturally to her first born daughter when she was 17, according to the Daily Mail.

Kristina Ozturk, 24, who is originally from Moscow, wants a staggering 105 biological children with her wealthy hotel owner husband Galip Ozturk, 57, who she met while holidaying in the coastal town of Batumi in Georgia, which was her first ever overseas trip, the pair quickly set about making a large family.

Speaking to Fabulous, the young woman said: “I’ve dreamed about this since childhood. My husband also dreamed about having a big, happy family. So after we met, we started to put our dream into action. Our romantic relationship has changed but then our whole lives have changed, not just the romantic part. I’m not sure if we will be the biggest family in the world, but we are planning to be the happiest family in the world for sure.” She said she doesn’t feel like she’s m.issed out on anything by having children via surrogates and is excited to see how many more she could add to the family. It’s certainly not cheap to feed, clothe and support all the babies as well as their lives as nannies.

Her snaps capture busy mealtimes, the mother playing with the children and the babies being taken out for walks in a group of double prams. In a recent Instagram Q&A, she explained the family’s routine, revealing that during the week, the children eat separately with their parents, as father Galip is home late from work, reported Fabulous. Christina continued: “It costs about £3,500 to £4,200 [AU $6,544 to $7,850] per week for essentials for all the kids. Sometimes [the costs are] a little more, sometimes a bit less.”

The couple’s nannies work a rolling schedule of four days on, two days off and all live-in, with bedrooms near the youngsters and their own kitchen. The nannies are usually paid around £350 (AU $644) a week. She added: “For now we have three floors at home. In the future, maybe we will build more floors, maybe we will buy a bigger house. We don’t have an exact plan, because right now we have enough space for everybody.”

One fan questioned if the mother was able to ‘spend quality time’ with each of her many children, to which she replied: ‘Many times I have been asked how I have enough for each child, whether I devote time alone to each. ‘Yes. We have a special bond with every child. I wish every parent to be able to spend all their time with their children, because this is the most important thing in life.’ Kristina and Ozturk’s babies are Mustafa, 19 months; Mariam, 18 months; Ayrin, 18 months; Alisa, 18 months; Hasan, 17 months; Judi, 17 months; Harper, 16 months; Teresa, 16 months; Huseyin, 16 months and Anna, 15 months. As well as Isabella, 15 months; Ismail, 14 months; Mehmet, 14 months; Ahmet, 14 months; Ali, 13 months; Kristina, 13 months; Sara, one; Lokman, one; Galip, 11 months; Olivia, nine months and Judy, three months. 

According to the Daily Mail, Christina and Galip were originally planning to have one baby each year. However, they realised their reproductive abilities wouldn’t be able to keep up with that and so they decided to go down the surrogacy route. When they found how much easier it was than a regular pregnancy, they thought they would see how many more they could have.

Christiana said: “The clinic in Batumi chooses surrogate mothers for us and takes full responsibility for the process. We are not personally acquainted with surrogate mothers and do not have direct contact with them in order to avoid problems after pregnancy.” Her Instagram page suggests she might have more than 100 if she can take care of them all.

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