Woman Gives Birth At 42,000 Feet on Turkish Airlines Flight To Ouagadougou

At 42,000 feet, cabin attendants on a Turkish Airlines Boeing 737 aircraft from Guinea to Burkina Faso assisted a mother in giving birth to her baby daughter.

Passengers also assisted at the birth, which took place soon after take-off on a flight from Guinea’s capital Conakry to Istanbul via Ouagadougou.

According to a statement issued by Turkish Airlines Friday, they confirmed the pair was safe. “After the smooth landing of Boeing B737-900 type aircraft to the Ouagadougou Airport, the mother Nafi Diaby and her newborn baby girl were taken to the hospital in order to be kept under observation for a while.

“The cabin crew noticed that a woman passenger named Nafi Diaby, [who was] 28 weeks into her pregnancy, was suffering childbirth pains,” a Turkish Airlines statement said. They promptly responded to assist her childbirth during the flight.”

Pregnant women are allowed to fly until they are 36 weeks pregnant on most airlines across the world. They do, however, require a doctor’s certificate from 28 weeks onward to establish the projected due date.

Turkish Airlines’ Ouagadougou station officials later reported mother and baby were doing fine.

They shared pictures on their Twitter account with the message: ‘Welcome on board Princess! Applause goes to our cabin crew!’

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